Are You "Nice To Have" Or "Essential"?

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Nice to have or essential?

If you were to grade yourself on
either side, which one would you be...nice to have or essential?

By now I suspect you realize the more essential to a customer or client you are,
not only will you get the business, you'll be able to get lower resistance,
at a higher price and for a longer time.

Agreeing to this simple buying criteria,
allows you to make adjustments how you market your business.

This aha moment may be the thing that removes your shackles.

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    Great perspective to have, you need to ensure your client knows your "value". If you're doing SEO work and you have the client in the "top ten" for "xyz" keyword, does it really matter to them if it's not bringing in sales? The bottom line for most clients is, are your services allowing them to make more money. If that's the case, they will value what you have to offer!

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    It's all about your value proposition. What are you offering that no one else does/can?

    I see a lot of people on this forum talking about how they're starting a web design firm, but I never hear any of them talk about how they're different than the thousands of other web design companies out there.

    ...And they wonder why they don't get much business.
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