Phone Services similar to google voice ?

by vanbino 5 replies

I need a service that allows me to forward calls and sms to my cell phones

i am doing a craigslist campaign and i need different phone numbers that allowed me to forward the calls and the sms ( texts to my cell phone), i want these numbers to put in the add copy
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    we are same mate i need this also.. let us just wait for the pro..

    I also post ads in cl..
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    Twilio would be what you are looking for.. ( no affiliation )

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    Twilio will not work for Craigslist.

    There is a way to use unlocked Verizon phones with clean EINs, but I don't really want to give that away here
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      why do you say that twilio will not work on craigslist, no one is using twilio to open craigslist accounts, we just want to be able to get numbers and forwards calls and sms so that people can contact us
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    yes, i need this also.
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