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Hi Fellow Warriors,

DOes anyone know how to go about finding lists of websites that are made with rubbish templates such as moonfruit, freshstart, hibu etc.

It would be great if you could share your knowledge as I would say this is the new type of flash websites where website owners just wanted to get started but now may be ready for an update.

Thanks in advance if you know the answer and share
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    You want to sell web design services to websites that are crappy looking and old?

    A simple way to find older websites is to just search in google for "copyright 2008" +keyword or "copyright 2008" +city . Just replace the 2008 with any older year. What you will find is older websites that have not been updated since that year. You can usually sell them on a new design and other IM services as well.

    An addon to this search is the web designers that built these old sites. Main times you can find a web designer name or link near the copyright. So something like designed by XXX web design.... You can then do a Google search for that companies name, thus finding all the clients they many have built crappy sites for in the past.

    Fairly simple method..
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    Another great way to do this is to find websites designed by the yellow page companies. And then search for that footprint.
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  • If you utilise CageyVet's strategy for moonfruit etc then it works and you get loads of sh**e websites to sell your services to

    If there is an even more time effective way then please share

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    Well to make things more time effective, I would normally run something like this through scrapebox for the initial searches.

    Then you can use a program like Inspyder's Power Search Software to scrape the Name, Phone Number, Address, Email from the list of websites that you have found.

    After that, I would go through all the ones that could find the contact method I am utilizing (phone, mail, email etc) and look at those websites to see what angle I could use to sell them on a service that I deliver.
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    I check YP and similar directories from time to time and I can say that I come across a lot of businesses with ugly websites.
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    If you ever need to scrape those rubish websites I can custom code tools for that. I got 2 ideas that might work for that. Google dorks footprint search and crawl to find emails (we can search for outdated scripts or common templates.)
    Also as mrmatt said, Yellowpages has plenty of business with awful designed websites, its clear that we can scrape the URL, email, phone, address and then proceed to take a screenshot from the URL, so then you just go to ACDSEE and navigate all the screenshots, then locate the number that would be the row of the business in an Excel file.
    What do you think?
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