What to offer companies that have alredy website

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I have question. I see a lot of companies that alredy have web pages.
I want to contact those companies and offer them something. But what?

Please helpe me. I want to create business, but don't know what to offer those companies? I hope you will help me.
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    You could offer the following initially:

    company promo video package
    email and list building management
    social media presence package
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    You can offer them to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) their websites. This can help their sites to get an exposure and easily get clients or customers for their business. They can hire SEO experts on this.
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    Ok. Nice ideas. Thanks. Where can i get very good promo material is another question.

    Now, when i have ideas, i need to contact potential customers. I don't want to use cold calls. What do you suggest?
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    What is exactly your service? Based on your initial question, I do not even see the services you provide. You are asking us what to offer them?
    Need help in LEADS for your business? Ask me on how to generate qualified and targeted leads from appointment setting and lead generation campaigns through calling, social media and email marketing.
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    You can offer them SEO, PPC and SMO too. Where SEO takes time to rank on Google but PPC shows instant results. And also create and maintain Social Profiles for your customers.
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    Don't offer any of that shit. They don't want any of it. they are merely tools of your trade. Clients/customers want results. Sell them results, using your tools.

    Offer them customers, leads, profits, sales, an easier life at work, more productivity to go play golf, reduce their risk, more customer loyalty, etc....

    I had a manufacturing company and warned any technerd wanting to meet with me: As soon as I hear one, just one, acronym, meeting over. They are gone.
    I was so annoyed of the selfish idiots wanting to sell me tools for tools sake. ERP, CRM, SAP, EDI, MRP. They didn't bother (didnt know any better) to speak MY language.

    A builder doesn't sell a potential homeowner a truckload of 2x4's, plywood, nails, windows. They sell great views, open rooms for entertaining, plenty of space for family, spaces for dream mancaves, glorious functional kitchens for the wife to be a spectacular chef.

    Don't sell a builder a hammer. Sell him on what your hammer can do for him. More accurate nailing, less vibration for less injuries, better efficiency etc...

    Remember nobody wants any of that shit, they want the benefits of it. Learn to speak THEIR language when you approach THEM.

    Good luck!!!

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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    Originally Posted by tenzinski View Post


    I have question. I see a lot of companies that alredy have web pages.
    I want to contact those companies and offer them something. But what?

    Please helpe me. I want to create business, but don't know what to offer those companies? I hope you will help me.
    Contacting them = A good idea.

    Contacting them just to sell them something = Not a good idea because the reason for your contact is all about you.

    What do they need? Find out more information about the businesses you're alluding to first, and one of the best ways to do that is to actually communicate with them WITHOUT your goal being to sell them something.

    Without any other information about your background, experience, target market, motivations etc there's only so much that anyone can offer you at this point, but I hope what you'll pick up in this post in general will help you understand that you've got to avoid falling into the trap of the focus being on YOU and what YOU have to gain.

    speak to them.
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    Originally Posted by tenzinski View Post


    I have question. I see a lot of companies that alredy have web pages.
    I want to contact those companies and offer them something. But what?

    Please helpe me. I want to create business, but don't know what to offer those companies? I hope you will help me.
    1) SEO

    2) Facebook Fan Page

    3) Accounts with Twitter and Linkedin

    Managing a social media site like the posts on Facebook can take a lot of time and resources. Contract yourself out to manage their presence on the social networks, then you take care of the posting and getting them Likes on Facebook.

    4) Site updating

    5) PPC with sites like Google, Facebook, 7search, etc.

    Jeff Solochek

    I also build blogs for companies and individuals

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    ^^ What others have previously stated. If you're offering online marketing services more specifically paid search, you could offer to build them a microsite/landing page. Have statistics/data to back up your claims that the microsites/landing pages you drive traffic to have X% amount higher conversion rate (obviously you could tell them you want to split test their site and the microsite/landing as well).

    Dissatisfaction is a symptom of ambition.

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    I think you should offer them to go for SEO of their websites. And you should offer Video marketing service
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    You don't sell features. You sell benefits. Nobody buys a hammer to hang it in their tool shed. They buy it to make a dog kennel for their beloved pet. Everyone here has made valid points.
    You are asking us what you can offer when we don';t even know what you do...seems silly to me.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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  • Youtube Marketing -

    I would go with video 100%.
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    You can offer them seo of the site or you can even offer them better design or some more facilities on their websites.
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    If they are selling a product you could offer an affiliate deal, If their website and logo sucks you could offer them a complete rebranding, if you choose the latter you should have a portfolio and a chase study from previous clients that a new and fresh design/branding will increase sales.

    => Read my review of MDDHosting!
    => I am a Freelance Web Developer and I'm for hire.

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    I'm not sure anyone can answer this question for you, and if they do, they're not doing you a favour.

    Only you can decide what you can offer. Regardless of what it is, if you're not going to dig yourself from the bottom up, then it's pointless to ask people for advice...

    You need to find out what YOU want to sell or what YOU can actually sell.
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    What skills do you already have?

    Most internet marketing skills can be used to help bring a business
    more sales and/or profits.

    That's where your focus needs to be...helping a business make more
    sales and profits using the skills you have or the skills you can outsource

    There are such a huge array of things you could use it's hard to even
    know where to start.

    He's a few:

    # Email marketing.
    # Marketing with social media (like Facebook and Linkedin)
    # Marketing with twitter.
    # SMS marketing
    # Search engine optimization
    # Marketing with online video
    # Online press releases
    # Offline press releases (getting free publicity in local media for a business).
    # Pay per click

    If you have some skill start there by thinking "how can I use this skill
    to help bring in more sales and profits for this business?"

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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    Let's back up for a minute. What expertise do you have within the space? Turning around and offering them something you know nothing about really isn't a great starting point. If you have expertise in websites for example you can tell them "hey, I see you have a website but how much money are you making off the website?" then you can proceed to educate them using your expertise on how you can make a difference to them. If you don't have that expertise you're going to struggle a lot more. Expertise comes first then a myriad of options open up.

    There are only 5 things an entrepreneur should be doing all day every day to become rich. - www.richucation.com

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    You don't need to know anything and you can sell them something they want. Some even think they need it. You need to get your foot in the door, get half dozen testimonials and you're off and running.

    You can do this tomorrow:

    - Go to Yellow pages or any of those directory websites
    - Pick any businesses you want, doesn't matter
    - Look at their crappy site. Most offline businesses have crappy business card sites
    - Use your smart phone and look at their site
    - Most likely they don't have a mobile site or if they have one it will match their regular site, crappy
    - Make a free mobile site for them, take your phone to the owner/manager and sell him a mobile site for free
    - If you can't design a mobile site, then hire one of the dudes on this forum
    - You or the dude will design the site on Mobile Website Made Easy | Free Mobile Website Design | DudaMobile
    - Do this 6 times and get testimonials and all that stuff
    - Get your mobile website up for your own business with your portfolio on it
    - Repeat the same process only instead of you or the dude doing the deisgin, hire the people at dudamobile to design the business site for you. Costs you 499.
    - You sell it for whatever you want. Start reasonable the keep raising your price
    - In the meantime replace those 6 sites that you or the dude designed with the pro sites
    - You can scale this because someone else is designing. You just sell.

    You can make this work. It's easy once you grasp the concept. If you can't design you can hire someone that can do the 6 for you cheap and fast. There are a lot of talented people on this forum that will do it for you.

    This is the best way to get your foot in the door for an offline business. Then upsell them if you want. Money is in the upsell.

    PS. Just in case someone tells you mobile isn't the way to go. DudaMobile gets a 100,000 new customers a month.
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    What are your skills and expertise? What do these businesses need that you can offer to them? You should be asking the questions to yourself. We can give tons of ideas but if you don't know how to do them, it's useless.

    Do You Hate Writing Sales Copy?

    I create killer copy for squeeze pages, video scripts, email auto-responders and sales pages. Click here to see reviews.
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    So a company selling wholesale cement to business should set u videos? what next..fake F.B. likes? ;-0

    Youtube Marketing -

    I would go with video 100%.
    Every company is different.
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    You may want to now start offering marketing services to them. Assuming they have a business in place, their basic operations are now running systematically, it would be ideal to explore what type of marketing they are now doing and how can you improve it for them.


    Trumpia: The Most Completed SMS Text Messaging Software & API Solution.
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      They have a website, but do they get leads?

      And if they get leads, do they properly handle them?

      Many companies do a poor job of handling the leads they get from prospects calling them on the phone...

      ...much less capture a lead visiting a web page.

      As soon as you start talking about more leads and sales, they will listen.

      And if you can produce, they will keep using your services and won't give a thought as to how you are doing it (seo, email, etc.), just that you are.
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    I totally agree on selling benefits and crafting a plan - frankly that's on your end.
    I sell recurring packages daily to off market clients but when push comes to shove clients want a consultant/partner that will work with them in the trenches. Some clients frankly spend marketing money on their ego.
    I sell content creation packages that I outsource - nothing special.
    I use to do it in house with my people but I'm letting some go because people on the forum do a better (and cheaper) job of SEO, Social Media, Content creation, etc.
    I focus on recurring revenue - meaning when I sell a service it's $360/$720/$1090/$2500/$5000 for recurring services for 6 months.
    I spend 6 hours per client per month composing a personalized plan using the resources I have to help reach the client's goals 1 hour a week and 2 hours per client's plan.
    I have 2 full time developers and 1 part time (php, Wordpress, Magento, Ruby on Rails) for development services and I keep them busy full time.
    The key is to listen to your clients, sell YOUR services at YOUR price, retain your clients so you don't have to recreate the wheel.
    Ultimately if you don't solve problems you will lose the client - and if your services don't solve the client's problems don't start.
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  • You basically want to offer them yourself and show them how you can help them get what the want. but first you have to do your research and try to determine as best you can what it is they want. Identify their problem then offer yourself as the solution.

    H. Cortez "the Coach"

    Please do not use affiliate/MLM links in signatures

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    Press Release Services.
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      Do your research and find out what's missing. Find out what the hell they want. Find out what they've been spending money on. Find out if it's been working for them. Having a website is great, but most don't know what the heck to do with it once they're setup with one. That's where you come in and save the day.

      Like a few of the above posters mentioned, sell them results. Sell them on their dreams and what they want to get out of it.
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