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I'm about to head off to college and in hopes of not having any college debts I had started researching online for some offline marketing methods. I'm not new to WF but I am new to the online marketing section. Now, I've had success in the past with online marketing (Selling Likes and Followers) but now I want to start my own business with a buddy of mine. The problem here is that I'm afraid the clients that I would offer my services to would not take me seriously. I am 18 and only a college freshmen. How do you guys think I should handle this? I am 100% capable of performing and meeting their expectations if they give me the chance but how can I get them to make that leap and trust me?
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    Age has little to do with anything except mindset. Action is what makes a difference.

    Another recent post here about an 8 year old:

    An interesting blog I ran across tells how a college student (at the time) makes money with his blog giving actual income reports with sources and amounts. Fascinating for people interested in monetizing their blog(s).

    Passive Income: The Smart Passive Income Blog

    I don't recall the details but both Ryan Deiss and Russell Brunson both made fair amounts of money while still in college.

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  • Age is nothing but a number. I know from personal experience that business owners do not care so much about your age, but more on how you connect with them. If an offline marketer is way too annoying and not professional, it can be a huge problem and they may not buy from that marketer.

    To make them trust you, just continue speaking with them online. It takes some businesses multiple messages online before they actually commit to letting you help them with their business. Just remember to trust yourself and your work, because if you know that you can help a business owner, then you will get those businessmen to trust you and be ready to continue contacting more businesses.
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    In all honesty I wouldn't trust an 18 year old, my thinking would be along the lines of "how much experience can he have".

    If I think that way, other people will too.

    This is not to say that you can't do it but try offering a win win guarantee, something along the lines of try me for 3 months and if I don't bring you sales/traffic/SERPS whatever then ill give you 110% of your money back.

    Join my private strategy group on Facebook or find out how I made £2000 recurring in 2 weeks.

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    They will take you seriously if you prove your value in advance. THAT is the key my friend, and you can do it!!

    Good luck. Make it happen.
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    Shouldn't be a problem. When I met Will Perkins he was 19 and making a killing offline. There's no reason you can't do it too.
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    There will be people who will be skeptical. I agree that age should not be a main concern but people don't think alike. You need to communicate with them well and know how to deliver what your business is and why they should try you out. Make a good deal. Offer them something that will be difficult for them to say no. Because you are just starting, you'll experience a lot of things and make mistakes. Learn from them and get better.

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    Have you considered a cloud based business model? I say this because it solves your issue of feeling "too young."

    This also will broaden your horizon in terms of who you can target with this product.

    Trumpia: The Most Completed SMS Text Messaging Software & API Solution.
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    "How do you guys think I should handle this? I am 100% capable of performing and meeting their expectations if they give me the chance but how can I get them to make that leap and trust me?"

    The ONLY thing that matters is what you deliver. Crap is crap, whether you're 18 or 55. Savvy, smart business owners only care about results (bottom-line), not age.

    I can tell you from experience since I'm very young as well, you only gain respect from business owners when they see that you have a stronger work ethic than them and your competitors. That's when you're meeting in person though, which you DON'T have to do.

    The beauty of internet marketing is that you don't have to meet face-to-face. I live on the east coast and 99.9999999999% of my clients operate in California. So, in all honesty age has no barring on your success. They'll give you the chance if you close them by showing how you can help ... age should never cross your mind. If anything, you're more suited to help them with IM as you've grown up with it versus older generations who are trying to learn it now.

    As long as you have a phone & e-mail, you can close them. Don't be your own worst enemy (Lit).

    Also, hopefully you just ignored Massive Ray's remark: "If I think that way, other people will too."

    It's a very narrow and closed-minded way of thinking & doing business, and I can tell you he's in the minority of how business owners will view you (wouldn't you say that's just a tad pretentious?). That's more like fear from a competitor afraid of a young gun like yourself out-hustling him with more drive .

    If you present yourself as the expert in your industry, you're the one who gets to be selective with who you work with, not whether the client determines whether they will work with you because you're only "18" years old.

    Feel free to PM me if you want to talk. I'm also in college, but set my agency up in high school (you have a plethora of people all around you our age who are glad to work cheaply to help you scale). The only time I've found that you need to do a "hand-shake" in person is for a 6 figure contract, or if you're trying to woo a salesmen lol.

    What kind of service do you want to offer?
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