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by TheCG
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Hey everybody,

I am looking for a laptop to take to meetings with clients & prospective clients.

I have been taking my personal laptop but trying to make sure my desktop stays cleaned up and neat as well as it being slower to boot up due to all the software, etc. I have on it is just one aggravation I would like to eliminate from my life.

What I am looking for is a lightweight laptop with a large screen. A fast boot up is required. All I would really be using it for is powerpoint presentations and minimal surfing for examples when I am with clients.

I am a PC guy so no macs need apply.

Any suggestions?
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    there is a cool dual screen convertible laptop/tablet allowing you to work on one side, and the prospect seeing the screen on the other.

    hopefully there will be large (17" )thin convertible laptop/tablets coming out in the next yr or 2 for my upgrade.

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    ACER ASPIRE V5-471P looks really cool and its touchscreen
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    Why not just use a windows tablet. The cool factor of doing a power point presentation makes you look like a guru and up to date.
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    Hi there,

    If you're looking for fast boot-up, replace the main boot drive with a SSD drive (solid state drive). Your mileage will improve vastly, as will your acceleration.

    All the best,

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    Consider using a tablet. An iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tablet can be very professional. Almost everybody nowadays in business are using iPads and Tablets to help them with presentations.

    You could also buy any of the Macbooks. They are wonderful for creating videos and presentations.
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    I like to take my ipad instead of my big laptop and believe it or not most of the times I end up on the clients computer anyway..

    There is usually something advertisement,logo or banner or something that they need to show me so I use there's ....

    Never had a issue .. also I think if I brought my laptop to a meeting with a lead 9 out of 10 times I didn't even need to open it to close the deal..

    I wouldn't worry about it and I would start focusing your attention on lead generation instead of this subject....

    I wish you success...
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      MacBook Pro + Apple TV have worked well for me.
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    Any new 17" laptop will work for you! It has the display you are looking for and since power point presentations and internet surfing, do not require a high intensive hardware configuration, you will be just fine. Im sure you can get a laptop with 17" display, intel i3 processor, 4gb Ram, for under $400. As a PC Tech, I do have to agree with the other members though, that a Windows tablet works just as well as a laptop, but minus the large display, and in the long run you'll realize portability is very important. Good Luck on your search!
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    I think the Windows tablet is your best option here.

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