Second Side Job Interview Tomorrow - Your Advice to Land It?

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Hello everyone! As my title states, I have an interview tomorrow for a secondary job in the restaurant sector. It's just your average $9-$10 an hour job for extra cash on the side, until I can make more money online/offline marketing.

I'm pretty confident that the interview will play in my favor but would like your advice. What could I do that almost ensures that I receive the position? Whether it be something I put on my resume or a particular thing/s I could say in the interview to better my chances. I already have 4+ years of experience in the field but just wanted to see if the great members here had anything they could add on.

Thanks to all who help
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    Can you tell me what the job is for? And what restaurant if it's a chain.

    With a little more info I can give you help beyond the basics.
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    It's Panda Express lol, but it's just for extra side money to invest with. Actually pays a bit more than my current job, besides not getting free stock. It's one of those open house interviews.

    “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

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    Open House? hmm ok that changes things a bit
    Do you know why?
    New store?
    New manager?
    New Owner (think they are franchise not all corporate)?

    Do they do open interviews often?

    For example Family Video does this for management. They have open interviews about once a month. And they lie when they say they are hiring for Store and District Managers. They are hiring promotable people for Assistant Manager.

    Year ago I applied for a District Manager position they had listed and was called in for an interview. Once they told me the truth I politely told them I was not interested, ended the interview on the spot and walked out of the interview. Only interview in my life I have ever ended as an interviewee. I don't work for dishonest companies.

    Do you have Chinese food experience?
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    i just got a side job as a server at a restaurant. I went through 4 interviews (ridiculous IMO) and I would say the main thing I did was point out what I do differently and why. For serving I said I'm different than most because I hate feeling uncomfortable in front of customers so I'm a wizard with menu knowledge so that I always have an answer and don't try and make stuff up on the spot. A lot of servers can bs their way through menu questions and therefore don't feel the need to learn the menu inside and out like I do. They loved that answer.

    I'm guessing you're going for a cook if it's $10/hour. If that's the case I would mention something about attention to detail and how one slip up can snow ball and how most cooks are on auto pilot after awhile which is when mistakes happen but you actually enjoy what you do and want to advance your career so your reputation and attention to detail is paramount to your own success.
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    Well, this is a college town and all the students just came back, so there has been oodles of hiring, eve my current job hired about 10-15 new people. I believe it is a franchise and I don't think they have done this before but maybe except for when it opened around 7 months ago.

    “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

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    Wow, that is pretty shitty that Family Video did that.

    “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

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    If I do not get this, it isn't too big of a deal seeing that there are many places hiring. Would just like to nail this one down and cut out other job searches. Appreciate the help.

    “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

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    Ok sounds like a house cleaning to me then. Be aware you may be walking into a culture nightmare where the staff that survived hates the manager.

    1. You can bring a resume but they won't care. Want to stand out? Go grab an application from there tonight (if they still do paper) and fill it out tonight.

    1a. Want to really stand out? Scan it. Type in your answers and reprint it. Fast food never gets typed/printed applications. It will show you really want the job.

    2. Wear slacks. Light brown dress slacks if you have them. If not a nice pair of khakis. And wear a belt.

    3. Button up dress shirt with a tie. Trust me even for management interviews in fast food that rarely happens. You will stand out.

    4. Go early or go late. Personally I would aim to be there 10 mins before the open interviews. If you have a friend have them go in first and see if they have people lined up. If there are 5 or more people already there for interviews change the plan and show up 30 minutes before the end of open interviews. You want them to notice you. If you are one of 5 when the manager isn't ready it will hurt you. if you are the only early one it will help you. It's a game.

    The first four made them take notice of you. On an open interview day the first impression is even more important than it is during a normal interview. Now if you interview well is the easy part.

    5. Being a fast food manager sucks. So the number one rule of interviewing is make sure it's clear you will make her job easier. If she thinks you will be hard to train or in any way a hassel you are doomed. If she thinks you will be average on an open interview day you are doomed. If she thinks she has found her new right hand man for the 5 to 10 shift you are golden.

    6. If you eat there regularly it will help you. Make sure you bring it up. If you know staff members by name bring them up as long as you know they are good and still work there. "While I had you here I just wanted to mention that Sarah has always been so great to me when I am in. I know in this business you don't get as many compliments as you should so I wanted to take this opportunity to give one to her."

    This does three things. First it shows you know what good customer service looks like. Second it shows you will appreciate your fellow employees. That means you will be a good fit for the store's culture. Third is shows again that you understand that being a fast food manager is a hard and thankless job. By appreciating the employee you are appreciating the manager as well. If the manager is that stand out customer service person you can thank them personally but this is hard to pull off without looking like you are kissing ass. You better be 150% genuine if you compliment the manager directly.

    7. Ask questions and not stupid ones like, "will I work every weekend?" Spoilers yes you will work every weekend. If you ask real questions that show you take the job serious it will make you stand out.

    "Do we cook everything fresh?"
    Pretty sure it's a bag but this is asking about the job and caring about quality.

    "How many Panda Expresses does your company own?"
    This question hints that you are curious about future opportunities. Manager hears "low turnover" which likely means a bonus. Hey those $500 bonuses add up.

    "Will there be opportunities to pick up extra hours if a co-worker calls in?"
    Every Fast Food Manager wants that go to guy who they can call 10 minutes into te shift when Suzy no-shows. If she thinks you are the guy who will be there within 15 mins of her calling you she will hire you. It will make he job way easier.

    Sure you can think of a few others.

    8. Answer truthfully. Sure make the truth as positive as possible but be real about a few negatives as well. And none of that "I care too much." or "I work too hard" BS. Those aren't faults but the fact you are a lying POS BSer is. Give some true faults like, "I'm a hands on learner so when I have had video training at first without the doing part I have not learned as much. But once I can do it myself, with someone watching and helping I learn most things fairly quickly."

    9. Be real. Ask her how her day went, how she likes her job, how long she has been a manager and things like that.

    10. Eat there after the interview. I can not stress this enough. And thank her again after the meal before you leave. Is she doing another interview? Wait till she is done and between interviews thank her.

    Not hired on the spot? Hoping you will be but if not let's make sure we get the 2nd chance offer.

    11. Send a thank you card. Send it to her c/o the store. Send it as soon as you leave the store. And mail it at the post office. You want it to show up the next day if possible. Have her email? Email a thank you as well.

    12. In 3 days do a follow up call. Or even better go eat there and if you see her ask.

    Not hired yet? No clue man. Did they hire anyone? Once your interview is a week ago you are basically screwed. Fast food hires and fires fast. Literally.

    Story Time!!!

    My only fast food management job I was in shorts and saw they were hiring managers so I inquired. Was interviewed on the spot (as was my girlfriend, also for management). Was asked to come back in 2hrs when the district manager would be there.

    Came back and she interviewed us both. I was interviewed first and was hired within 10 mins of meeting her. And she basically told me she was likely to hire my girlfriend too but for a lot less since I had loads more experience. She wanted to know if that would bother me or my girlfriend. She didn't want to lose me over low balling salary to my girlfriend.

    Nice ego boost hearing that but shocked me as I had never heard of a company hiring that fast for basically a store manager. They didnt have an opening but she gave me store manager pay to be an assistant till a store opening came up. Best part? She gave me another $4k when I finally did get the official promotion.

    That was my first $30k+/yr job. I bought my first Vette while working there as well. Yeah I parked a Corvette in the BK parking lot every day. Now that is "swag". LOL
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