Directory Site, Need some help pls.

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I live in a small town, 55K.Ppl, and I just finished a directory.
Now, I'm not sure about my next step.

Should I give free access and monetize the list or Pay per post etc....
Any Ideas.
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    First I would add coupon functionality to the site and that's your draw for the local populace.

    Then I would start with list of every business in town and call them to introduce myself and my business. Give them a free listing for life with no coupons AND a 3 month free PREMIUM membership with coupons and DON'T try to sell them anything else right there. Just get the DM's name and get them on your list. BTW, don't go live until you have at least 200 local businesses onboard.

    I would then use the relationship created to market my web\marketing skills.
    - web creation
    - social media
    - email marketing
    - text marketing
    - Bob Ross type flyers for members etc. etc.
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    Thanks for the ideas.
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      When I moved to Aspen CO many years ago, I made up a sample "Business Directory" and I WAS going to give free listings to everyone...then try and sell "Premium" and "Display" listings.

      WHen I got my 5th Free Listing I said to myself; "Self! Stop giving the thing have a nice graphic layout and you've overcome your "fear" of walking in cold so....why not use the first few Listings as "Demos" to show others who you will ask to....careful now, here comes that word, "PAY!"

      So.....I then proceeded to offer 3 choices;
      Basic Listing - Premier Listing - Display

      And ever since, with every Ad Project I've done, I insert a few "Demo" ads, to give potential advertisers examples of what the Ads will look like and....allay their fears that I could produce good Ads.

      So....when I did a "Mobile Restaurant Directory" last year....I made 3 "Demo" ads and when I filled the Directory with "paying" advertisers, I went to the 3 restaurants I had "saved a space for" and....sold them on participating.

      When they saw how many Ads I had....they joined!

      Do the same with your Directory; Give 3 or 4 freebies then sell the rest.

      Don Alm....Sales guy
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    Congratulations for the ideas. After preparing all, you need need to boost the directory for good traffic.
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    Sell it. There are plenty of sites where you can post your list. Try LinkedIn or other forums.
    Need help in LEADS for your business? Ask me on how to generate qualified and targeted leads from appointment setting and lead generation campaigns through calling, social media and email marketing.
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    First on your list is to get good traffic for it and listed above are excellent ideas. Good luck!

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