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Hey Warriors, I made a few calls this morning, ended up getting an appt. with a local HVAC and refrigeration company, they had 2 full page ads in the phone book, so I knew they had advertising money.

They don't have a website so I'm going to offer my web design services, and I also to want to package that with SEO. They're getting outranked by at least 1 other HVAC company in each of the 3 cities they service in. So I printed out Google search results, and a mockup of what their front page can look like.

I'm thinking $1000+ for the website design alone, and I'm not sure about the pricing for the SEO. They do heating & air conditioning, refrigeration, etc and they service 3 cities supposedly.

So any help with figuring out a pricing plan would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking upwards of 10 keywords to start out, but I'm willing to listen to any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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    I'd love to help you but to be very candid and frank with you. I you don't know what to charge for SEO then you probably should not be offering it at this time.
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      Originally Posted by Rus Sells View Post

      I'd love to help you but to be very candid and frank with you. I you don't know what to charge for SEO then you probably should not be offering it at this time.

      I agree with Rus, but I'll give you my two cents anyway.

      First I would be concerned that they wouldn't udnerstand the value of being online and what it can do for them if they still don't have a website.

      Assuming that you can completely overcome that hurdle, then go ahead and quote them. But think of it this way. What does a new AC unit cost? The one I put in my house last fall was 8k. I talked to the sales person and he said they sell about 1-3 per day. Of course that isn't all profit. He sold me on a maintenance plan ($300 , two times per year).

      But my point is, if I was the owner, 1k would seem too cheap to me.

      Depending on their needs, I'd probably sell it for around $2500 for the website, and I'd let him know I would provide additional pages for him at no cost to help him get more exposure for his additional services in surrounding cities. Example,, etc.

      Let him know you'll build out those extra pages at no charge to him.

      Include advanced on page SEO techniques. Stuff that 'web designers' aren't going to do for him.

      Include a whiteboard video, then have it done on here for $100 or less, and have that submitted to 5-10 diff video sharing sites, fully optimized, using Fiverr.

      Have your price, and then give him high perceived value additions at no extra cost to him.

      Then if he balks on price, say, Okay, I understand, what if we just started with ten additional services pages instead of twenty, and I can drop the price, $150 or whatever you decide.

      Then as far as SEO goes, I'd first get his budget, chances are he will be pulling that out of cash flow now, so he might be hesitant to spend a lot of money.

      If you can get budget out of him, I'd go from there. Otherwise tell him something to the effect of 'my online marketing services include xyz, and start at $750 per mo (or whatever) and go on up depending on how agressive you want to be.

      Good luck, report back and let us know what happens.
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    Figure out how much a new customer is worth to them. Also figure out how many customers their 2 pages in the phone book are generating and how much the ads cost. Then watch the video in this post -->
    "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
    ~ Zig Ziglar
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      I Charge a minimum of $600/mo to rank 3-5 kw's. For more adjust accordingly

      Plus I own all/most the links which give them their needed boost, so if they cancel, I cut the links out and they know this

      Gibs ~ 15 years in IM and Web/SEO Development

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    Sodomojo just nailed the answer! I definitely agree with them here.

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