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Excuse me....I just saw a thread started by a young man interested in making money with Place-Mats and I saw the following post by a "Nega-Guy;

"Just for the helluvit our firm did some placemat advertising. Completely worthless as a venue. From an advertising sales POV, it can only be sold as a branding mechanism, it does not function as a call to action.

The problem resides in the fact that although you can say that to many advertisers, and they will nod their head in agreement about the importance of branding, when it's time to renew, they will tell you they didn't get a response. Making a living from advertising is all about renewals and residuals. Placemats are one time shot for the majority of advertisers."

Excuse me....I am NOT a "firm"....I began my Advertising business with Placemats where....all the "Advertising FIRMs" had already dismissed this "Media" as "worthless as a venue"!

Well....the "Advertising Firms" in the glitzy town of Aspen and Vail Colorado....all...said the same thing, when little ol' Me decided to take a whack at it; "PLACEMAT ADVERTISING IS WORTHLESS!"


So....I made up a 11 x 14 Demo Sample from placemats I had seen in Chgo....and....knowing that I was a "little guy" and did NOT have any "Demos" I could show potential advertisers....I grabbed 3 business cards off a Board on a wall in a coffee shop.....made up a Demo and proceeded to sell the 16 ad spaces around the edges of the Mat.

And....yes....just like the "Ad Guy" said, above.....I found that Placemats were NOT..."Worthless" as a Venue.....however....they were NOT the greatest Ad does a "thinker" like me do?

We COME UP WITH AN the question; "HOW can I GET MORE ATTENTION to my I can get MAX EXPOSURE for my advertisers????

Well....these "Wall Street Ad Agencies" are NOT...."out in the boonies" like me! So....asking myself the question; "Self....How can I get MORE EXPOSURE and ATTENTION to my Placemats?" close attention to how MY mind works; I noticed a new TV-Appliance Store had opened up in town. I thought: "Hey! They can use some exposure and attention for their new store!"

So....I made up a Demo Placemat with the regular ad spaces around the outside edges.....including one space at the top right corner with their Ad and....a mention that; "REGISTER TO WIN A NEW 19" TV from Gordon's TV and Appliance! See Backside of this placemat! (Where there were Entry Forms to fill in and drop in the "Fish-Bowl" next to the cash register. add to the EXCITEMENT...I talked Gordon's into letting me place THE ACTUAL TV on a the entrance....with a sign that said, "WIN THIS TV! SEE DETAILS ON YOUR PLACEMAT!"

So.....the Placemat promotion was not only was STUPENDOUSLY successful!

And....a little ol' guy....ME....was able to "think" thru a "solution to the problem" (Placemats are Worthless))....and SUCCEED in getting GREAT EXPOSURE for the Advertisers!

Again....I just used my "noggin" to ;
1) SEE what the problem was (no interest in the placemats by diners)
2) Find a way to get GREAT EXPOSURE for the advertisers's been QUITE a while since I did this....and I just remembered how I got ...SUPER EXPOSURE for EACH ADVERTISER;
I stated that ONE of the Advertisers was the one that was the "KEY" and, they had to enter the Name of the Advertser in their Entry.

Anyway....I operated this Placemat biz for a few years in the "glitzy" towns of Aspen & Vail....and the BIG Ad Agencies in Denver, who believed that "Placemats are Worthless".....did not "bother" me!.....a I proceeded to make a GOOD income.

Don Alm....thinker and Doer
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    I never understand half of the words you are saying but I always get the idea.
    You are Rock
    Good Job !
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    You definitely got their attention and the exposure you needed. That was one smart move. Great job!

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    Hi there,

    This reminds me of something I picked up when I was in America a couple of months ago. I saw a flyer called "Coffee News" where they hid a little icon somewhere in one of the 30-40 ads that surrounded the content.

    The funny thing is you really have to look at every ad to find the little silly icon.

    We've implemented something similar with 3 of our clients and it's working gangbusters.


    All the best,

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      Holy Camoly just reminded me of a project I did when FAXES first came out!

      (The funny thing is you really have to look at every ad to find the little silly icon.)

      I started a Fax-Broadcasting business.....getting restaurants and delis to PAY ME to send my Fax Sheet to local offices that I had PERMISSION to send. was a "Daily Special" sheet going to local offices as a "Service" so employees could have an easier way to find what to have for lunch. I was checking some of my participating restaurants and delis I found that some of them did NOT feel their Ad was getting much attention.

      So....I came up with a, as Sasha mentioned....."little silly Icon". I called him "Freddie Faxman" (looked like a "Smiley Face")

      The idea was .....if recipients could find "Freddie FaxMan" on my sheet (he was really small).....they'd get a special discount from certain restaurants. silly little Icon, Freddie Faxman.....caused GREAT INTEREST" in my Daily Special faxsheet.

      So....thanks Sasha....for reminding me of "Freddie FaxMan" ....with whom I made LOTS of Moola!

      Don Alm
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    When's the last time you ran these programs?

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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