Need BizDev Tips? my interview with Scott Britton on BizDev

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Scott Britton leapt onto the headlines in 2012 as one of the "25 and Under NY Tech" people to watch. He's a BizDev expert for tech startups. I caught up with Scott in Florida as he prepares for his next challenge--and it's an exciting one!

Scott shares great business development tips such as:
  • how to write an effective cold email
  • the true value of relationships in growing your business
  • as well as examples from his own past in getting noticed by and achieving traction with startups.
SinglePlatform, where he was most recently at in a BizDev role, was bought by Constant Contact for $100 Million.

One big surprise Scott let out the bag--besides the jump he's about to take--is how to "niche crowdfund" a product before you even begin making it. We could all use that!

MORE FROM SCOTT BRITTON -- check out those BizDev tips! (I kept saying to myself, "I do that!")
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