Part Deux of Uncut, Unscripted and Unbelievable

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I told you would reveal some more nuggets from a recent consulting job I’m doing.

Now this large company hired me to improve their sales force.

This sales company works with the 2 largest companies in their niches.

One end handles the biggest satellite provider and one end handles the phone and internet service provider.

No matter what state you live in and if you own a t.v, then you’ve seen their ads on television. The calls are coming in like crazy, so what could be the issue? Simple…


The phones are ringing off the hook and sales people are pitching, but the results are average to say the least.

For the millions of dollars (literally) they spend on advertising to bring those calls, the sales conversions should be way higher.

How was I able to immediately transform those “average” results they were experiencing into record breaking numbers for the company within 60 days?

I definitely don’t have time to go into the whole project with you and some can't talk about because of the nda, but here’s just a few nuggets you can inject into your business right now…

Now the first day I walked in, I asked if I could listen to the agents on the floor.

They had me walk back to their control room and I was able to randomly listen into hundreds of calls at any time.

I noticed a certain trend right away in all the calls and asked if the whole call is scripted. They told me yes and that they are instructed to offer sales promotions in a certain order.

Here’s the first lesson and improvement I made for them…

Implemented the important guidelines for call like verification process, billing or sales and other details that under legal policy needed to be covered, but from there…

Totally axed the scripts. Most of the agents sounded like complete robots and were stumbling try to read word for word every part of the call.

Instead of slamming people with untargeted offers from the start, instructed them to dig into the customers needs.

Why sell long distance to people who don’t use it or why offer internet to 90 year old nursing home residents who need a phone.

There was no rational order of pitches, a lot of time being wasted on the call and people becoming annoyed by offer after offer in a row when they called for something else.

By simply flipping the so called “script” and get them into digging into their wants and real uses, they are able to cater the offers to their needs.

The “pitches” now become answers to their questions.

They are telling you what they want, you’re not giving them what you want to give them. You're simply throwing out a "by the way..."

This means also they can make the right offers right away and then upsell with the additional sales throughout the call and sales process.

The customer gets what they asked for and they are also now able to take advantage of your other offers.

This immediately turns the pitch into an offer and believe it or not, there is a big difference.

This also flips the positioning in your favor.

Turning a common service into a special one.

Now no matter where you live, you probably have quite a few choices of where you could go for a phone, internet or cable or satellite tv, right?

What could make these services different then the rest?

Why choose their service over any other one?

I have to run now and like said, not enough time today to go into everything I did for them, but I’ll wrap it up with the simple answer for you…the steps in the selling process was a major part of the transformation.

See how fast you can implement and benefit in your business from those tips.

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