These are 10 "Secrets From Billionaires"

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Tonight... thought we would dive into some “secrets” from billionaires. Sound Good?

Great. Let’s do this. You See…

A few weeks ago on ABC, they showed a re-run of interviews with Billionaires around the world. I think it really originally aired a year or two ago. Anyways...

They would ask these billionaires about their life and then ask them to share a secret or tip.

Today I’m going to share 10 with you and then I’ll send out the 2nd part of this tomorrow. Ready?

1. Figure out what you're so passionate about that you'd be happy doing it for 10 years, even if you never made any money from it. That's what you should be doing.

2. Always be true to yourself.

3. Figure out what your values are and live by them, in business and in life.

4. Rather than focus on work-life separation, focus on work-life integration.

5. Don't network. Focus on building real relationships and friendships where the relationship itself is its own reward, instead of trying to get something out of the relationship to benefit your business or yourself.

6. Remember to maximize for happiness, not money or status.

7. Think about what your definition of success really is. Is it externally driven or internally driven?

8. Get ready for rejection.

9. Success unshared is failure. Give back -- share your wealth.

10. Successful people do all the things unsuccessful people don't want to do.

Now there’s 10 tips right from people who know what they’re talking about. Plus, the funny thing is, I’ve talked about all these and more with you before. Remember?

Maybe missed them, but either way…

Go back, re-read these simple but powerful 10 tips (look out for part 2 tomorrow) and see how many you can start putting into action today and this week.

Who knows, If you do, who knows, you could be the next billionaire Barbara Walters is interviewing.

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