Fun-Crazy-Interseting Facts You Can Prosper From

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Alright, pull up a chair, grab your coffee, sit down and enjoy these Profitable and Fun Facts.

As I sit down to right this message this afternoon I chose my "coffee of choice" which is Pepsi. This brings me to the first thing...

Do you know what Pepsi was originally called?

It was named Brad's Drink originally when created in 1898. They went on to change the name to Pepsi in 1903. Is it the name that took pepsi to where it is?

Sometimes simply by changing a name in a business, you can see the difference.

Just naming your service or products can improve results according to personal and extensive testing from others.

Something to test- I've tested a company name change with clients before with great results.

Would you take your kid to Cuddle Cozy's Day Care Acres or Ralphs Day Care?

Or would you rather buy pool tables from Gary's Garage or Pool Tables Professionals?

Google began in January 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were both PhD students at Stanford University in California.

Did you know what they named it? Ready?


Why? Because it checked and measured backlinks for importance.

Marafuku was the original name of the Nintendo game system.

How wild would of that been to be at the stores when little kids all over yelling they want their Marafuku?

Yahoo was Jerry's guide to the World Wide Web.

Those are some names Huh?

See if you can test a simple name change. It doesn't have to be your company name unless you want to or if your company name is Dyno-Mite Hooker Towing Svc Inc (which I found when googled funny name changes).

It could be a package and if don't have a package, then create one. It could be a service you do, a special day and so on.

If you remember we talked about a little while back...where there could be riches in niches?

Well, you could even dive into your market and other markets with a side product or service catered specifically to that group.

A simple website catered to them could do the trick. You could try testing websites that are catered to that industry, niche, type of group and or customer and more.

I'll let you get back to your coffee and you think on that while I finish some of Brad's Drink or now what I guess is Pepsi.
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    Here's a few more...

    Philip Morris - used to be called - Altria

    IBM - used to be - Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation

    McAfee Inc. - used to be - Network Associates

    Nissan - used to be - Datsun

    Telstra - used to be - Telecom

    and here's 8 Mistakes To Avoid When Naming Your Business

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    Sometimes companies get it wrong!

    Green Flag used to be National Breakdown, everybody knew the company to quote Ronseal "it does exactly what it says on the tin".

    Green Flag then had to spent countless millions in re branding, sponsorship and advertising to get known all over again.

    Good for me as I picked up loads of work from them!
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