You have no excuses for not getting clients... 15 year old..

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builds 3.5 million a year tech company in 3 years. Funny thing is that his web site is a template you can buy online! HAHA

High school student builds global tech company from St. Louis |
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    I love how this kid is using the objection, his age, and turning it into a way to get business. The press he is getting should lead to sales.

    I do wonder about the 3.5 Million figure though. His site doesn't instill me with confidence (the black text is hard to read for example) so I wonder how many clients he gets. Also found one "link" that wasn't turned into a link so far. Of course who is doing the work and how it is all set up matters as well. He could be a figurehead. Or hell the whole thing could just be made up to get media attention.

    Huge proof that we all make it more complicated than it needs to be no matter what it is. If this kid is doing it so can anyone here.

    Also I hope someone points out to him that going to Harvard is a waste since he is already further along in his business. Going to college would be a step backwards.

    BTW I found this post funny. How I Use Twitter - Jaylen Bledsoe

    Yeah he "magically" lost 40k followers. That's way more believable than the fact he Photoshopped the 50k picture.
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    How do you know its a "fact" that he photoshopped it, Aaron?

    I noticed the difference too but he states that when he first started out he hired a firm to do a twitter campaign and he thinks they used a bot to get it done. That's believable as well right?
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      Originally Posted by Erica Leggette View Post

      How do you know its a "fact" that he photoshopped it, Aaron?

      I noticed the difference too but he states that when he first started out he hired a firm to do a twitter campaign and he thinks they used a bot to get it done. That's believable as well right?
      I don't know how he lost those followers. And yes some accounts could have been banned or unfollowed him. I simply have never heard of that kind of lose from 50k to 7k.

      I never said it was a fact that it was photoshopped. Just sarcastically pointed out that photoshop was more believable vs. just losing 40k. And while I am sure a photoshop expert could check the picture and see if it was I don't think anyone needs to check that.

      Personally I would have taken that blog down vs. editing it. When you are self promoting which this kid clearly is you shouldn't leave a black eye like that around. If someone found it and brought it up later he could present the reasons for it. But leaving it up IMO harms his image as I am sure I won't be the only one who thinks "shopped".

      Rather it was a shopped, or a bunch of bots got banned, or a bunch of bot unfollowed him it simply looks bad. And in this we get a second lesson from this story.

      First lesson is of course to have faith in yourself and do it. If a teen can do it so can you.

      Second lesson is that you should not brag about something out of your control. And if you get caught with your pants down pull them up and act like nothing happened till others bring it up. The second lesson we learned because he didn't learn it. But he is young and has lots of time to learn it.

      EDIT: I hope everyone realizes I am not dissing this kid. I love what he is doing. He's living the 4 Hour Work Week basically. Hope my girls do something similar.

      Even if everything he is doing is just hype it doesn't matter. Cause if he's smart he will turn the hype into dollars. And if it is all hype in my eyes that makes it more impressive honestly.
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    Door to Door - YouTube

    Someone embed this for me if it doesn't show up.
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    I've never seen this movie. I will need to rent it one day.
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  • Good for him. That's that way to do it.

    I think we need to educate kids (and adults haha) that starting a business is exciting and fun--you don't have to settle for a job. And like he said, the time to take huge risks is when you are young.

    Another thought. This looks like the noon news, or a daytime news show on KTVI, the Fox station in St. Louis. Anyone here can get on these local news shows with the right positioning and story, and it can add tremendous publicity and social proof to your marketing. It helps if you have written a book.
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      Haven't been active on this forum for 3 years, but it seems like the marketers are getting younger and more successful all the time. I was active when I was 16, still building affiliate marketing empires, but spend a lot of my time club promoting now for fun.

      I might just have to one-up that kid somehow lol
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