How to Monetize Human Billboards?

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In Las Vegas, I see a lot of people wearing human billboards...

...but it seems that they are using them for making announcements about shows or brick and mortar stores and restaurants. They are also used for branding.

These billboards seem to be enabled by ad agencies that make their money from advertising money that they get from stores, hotels, casinos, etc.

As I have said, almost 100% of the ads are announcements and branding but NO direct response ads.

How can I use a human billboard to drive traffic to a site where I can instantly make money with a Clickbank or Amazon affiliate links?

The traffic is insane during Friday and Saturday nights. How can I convert this traffic not as an "ad agency" that monetizes by selling ad space but as an affiliate marketer that makes money with PPA?

What kind of products would work for the following target markets:

Young couples.

Middle aged couples.

Single men. (alone or in groups)

Single women. (alone or in groups)

Parents with kids.

Japanese, Chinese, and European tourists.

I'm thinking about getting people to scan QR codes perhaps to a mobile friendly site. The challenge is to get instant (preferably impulsive) responses/purchases via their iPads and smartphones.
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    So you are niching down straight away (that's fine): people who are out on a Friday or Saturday night, and are comfortable using their mobile device to make impulse purchases.

    Likely a younger demographic...20s. It ain't me, I'll tell ya that.

    Tourists--guides to locations they can go tour right now?

    Singles--dating guides/sites (get access, flip through members)...nothing too thought-provoking since they're probably drinking while reading ("For less than one beer, get access to THOUSANDS of rich, young, and good-looking singles!")

    Groups--drinking games. Something they can download and learn FAST because there isn't going to be much time for them to pay attention & learn. Has to be FUN. Trivia?

    Coupons for discount access to the best clubs...or drinks/table packages at those clubs. You have to make them sit up and say "WOW! We'd LOVE to go do this right now! That's an even better idea than what we were going to do!"
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    A QR code definitely.

    And Jason has given you the tips you need to make the end destination targeted to the ad.
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    App downloads (paid or free) would be a good one to advertise on these walking billboards, if the sign carriers are walking near tech stores. The QR code would be a good idea.
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    People at Vegas are all looking to do something, so your ad should be focused on doing something as opposed to selling something. So I would say Hotels and restaurant ads and stuff won't really work well, but if you could shout out something they can do, even if it is already popular, I think your billboard can be effective.
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    Really surprised to hear about human billboard advertising.I have been to billboard industry for the past 4 years.I have never thought of this kind of marketing.Billboards are always meant for announcements and branding only.
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