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Does anyone in the UK know any free sources to find data on businesses that have just opened their doors and started up? I've seen some but the want £600 a month, and I just can't stretch to that yet, so it would be great if their were free alternatives.

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    Hi Underground,

    It may not be completely relevant - but have you tried contacting Companies House in Cardiff, South Wales?

    Also, there was a WSO out about this a few months ago (including a section on the UK) - but I can't remember the name of it.

    I'll have a look and reply back on this thread - if I find it.

    Mark J.
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    Was it by Bruce New Media? If so, I got that, and that is where I found the resource that want £600 a month. But would mind finding a cheaper resource, I'm sure you'll understand :p.
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    You can try this New Businesses, New Companies Information Daily :: New Start Data

    You get emails every morning with the new companies, they can be filtered by area but that is it.
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      Thanks. Just tried that. 13000 new businesses a month starting up within a 40 mile radius apparently. £673 a month to access that data.

      Worth it for sure, but don't have the cash right now for that expense unfortunately.
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    Thanks hayfj2. Checked that out and they offer 100 free prospects for telemarketing as a sample when you enter your details. Just what I need right now. Saves me some hours tomorrow as I had a target to find 100 prospects to contact anyway going the long route.
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