"It's so easy to hate Dan Kennedy..."

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Hey Offliner,

One of the things that never cease to amaze me is the many pots that mega-consultant Dan Kennedy has his hands in.

Now, to us veterans, that's nothing new.

But, to someone who has just been introduced to Planet Dan it can be overwhelming to try and understand how he does it.

Heck, even for us veterans it can seem like he's in a dozen places all at one time.

The worst part is that sometimes when we look at Dan's consulting and coaching business it's so easy for us to get overwhelmed by the complexity.

Last time I checked, it seemed like he as five or six different coaching programs running at any one time.

And those are just the ones I know about. I'm sure he has more than that.

Whew! That's crazy.

Now, I realize that you and I aren't on Dan Kennedy's level, but it's nice to know what's possible.

But, whenever I start drooling over what Dan, Perry or any other consultant has accomplished and feel myself starting to run in ten different directions at one time to "get mine", I quickly give myself a swift kick in the butt.

See, I know that it's virtually impossible to implement five, ten or fifteen strategies all at one time in our business or our client's businesses.


Let's be honest.

Most of us and our clients don't have the financial means, manpower, youth or stamina to do it. Sometimes it's frustrating, but it's still the truth.

However, while we can't implement dozens of strategies all at once, it is completely possible for us to implement one strategy every month or two.

Over a six or twelve month period it starts to add up and snowball. That's why guys like Dan Kennedy couldn't stop the money from flowing in if he wanted to.

You've already tried fast and furious and it's not working. You're overwhelmed and have more half-done projects than hours in the day.

Try going a little slower and steady until you get to the place where you can pick up speed.

That's should always be your goal. It's just too hard, confusing and overwhelming to try to do the dozens of things that you know, all at one time.

The last few months of this year, try to slow down and implement one solid strategy at a time. At a minimum, get the framework in place so that you can start it up at any time.

Just thought I would share that with you.

Now, go close some deals,

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