Tips For Closing Home Business Leads

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This tactic works for any business.

What you have to do is lead with something of value. More value than what you are asking for in monetary return.

With whatever business you have, you will have learned things that you can pass onto your prospects and current customers in order to educate them on what it is that you do.

You provide the value by passing it onto your home business leads.

But, just giving away all of your knowledge will not earn you money!

Let's say you have an SEO business and you have leads that aren't converting. You can host a webinar (you don't have to show your face on it if you're shy!) where you educate them on how to do SEO.

Now obviously SEO is a long and difficult process to do correctly so you are providing them the value with the education that they can go away and do it themselves.

However, many business owners are too busy to do this and need someone to do it for them. That is when you can say that you can ease their pain of their website not getting any traffic by doing the SEO for them and this is how they can get working with you.

The webinar serves another purpose as well as it allows your prospective customer to get to know you a little better and trust you.

Webinars are known to convert higher than just a sales page or even just a video as it is live so they can ask you questions right there and then in real time.

This works for any business in any niche.

There is an app for Facebook called 22social that allows you to simulcast your webinar live over Facebook (1 Billion users), Youtube and Google Plus.

It's free for one page and $22 monthly if you want the full bells and whistles. If you refer 3 people to use it on their pages, you get it free.

It also allows you to build up your subscriber list right inside of the app as well by linking it to your autoresponder.

Hope you got value from that.

Have a great day and let's get some sand between your toes!

Colin Fox.
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