Cold Calling: Number of Dials per Contact

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What are your thoughts on the # of dials you should make to a contact that you cannot reach? When I make calls and hit VM, I leave a message, then follow up a few days later. If I hit VM again, I leave another message, but consider the contact dead and take no further action regarding that contact.

So my question is.... is it better to dial 1000 contacts 1x, 500 contacts 2x, 250 contacts 4x... etc.?

Just curious what the average is among other callers.
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    At this point in the game, contact fewer prospects more often.
    95% of IM'ers have great relationships with clients who also advertise offline and with other people. Stop missing out on that cash and leverage into it. PM me if you are an established marketer and want to find out how.
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    Check this out:

    And the stats are around 7 or 8 attempts needed to reach a cold contact. Most people (and these are the few who are trying!) give up too soon--think of what that leaves for those of us who stick with it to pick up!

    Don't leave a detailed message. Just say you have a quick question for them about their business, and provide your phone #. A detailed message will give them the chance to think and qualify you Out. A brief message creates curiosity. When they call you back, have your 30-second commercial ready.

    You want the conversation, not to tell them all about what you do in your message. Right?
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