Looking to hire 2 appointment setters. Please provide feedback on my compensation plan!

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I am in the process of hiring on a couple hourly appointment setters, and I was hoping to get some feedback on what I came up with for a compensation plan. Hopefully my comp plan would be enough to find some good people.

First off, I would like to hire two appointment setters, that would work from their home. I run a mobile app development company that builds business oriented mobile apps. Basically, all the "appointment setter" would do is call on a business (we would scrape the leads for them) and introduce the technology, and get them to agree to a no cost mobile app "Sample / Mockup" for their business.

I find that when I can get the business owner to agree to meeting to see a sample app, built around their business, we are able to close about 70% of prospects. The challenge is getting the appointments, hence the reason for hiring.

I would pay the appointment setter a flat $10 per hour based on 20 hours. (Monday - Friday ; 4 hours per day).

I would also pay them a $50-$100 commission on every app we end up selling, once we present the mockup (I havent decided on the actual amount yet). We charge around $1500 per app.

Now, I realize that it might take a week or so for the appointment setter to learn our system, and start filling their pipeline, so I was going to do a sort of "ramp up" period, based on a quota of 15 demos set per week, as follows:

Week 1 - 0 Quota
Week 2 - 5 Demos (Quota)
Week 3 - 10 Demos (Quota)
Week 4 & Beyond - 15 Demos (Quota)

As an added bonus, I was thinking about doing some type of "fast start" bonus, where I would pay an extra $10 on every appointment set, above and beyond the quota, during the first "ramp up" month.

Also, to ensure the appointment setters are actually working, I would do a sliding pay scale based on performance:

10-15 demos set per week - $10 per hour pay
5-10 demos set per week - $7 per hour pay
0-5 demos set per week - $5 per hour pay

This would obviously go into effect after the ramp up period. I thought something like this would make sense, to make sure the appointment setter is actually working!

Regardless of the number of demos set, they would always get their $50-$100 commission on anything my sales people sale.

This is just a rough copy, but what are you thoughts? Do you feel this would be a good comp plan, that would motivate people? Any feedback is appreciated.
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