Local Business contest idea: What do you think?

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I'm trying to get my name out there for my new local business and my website.
I had a contest idea and wanted to get some opinions if you think it is a good one or if it needs any tweaks.

I offer an emergency service that people in apartments will need at some point. To get my name out I was planning to go to all the larger apartments in town that had a email newsletter. First I would talk to the manager about the value of my service and how it would help their residents and offer a "special" discount" for their residents (like $5 off regular price). Then I ask if the apartment manager would be interested in doing a fun contest (via their email newsletter), only involving their residents and the winner would win a voucher for my service (a $50 value).

The contest would be a question for the apartment residents about an the worst emergency situation that they have been in (that my service could have solved). Maybe there is a a better contest question, but a question that anyone can relate to and could lend itself to funny answers and replies.

In order to participate in the contest I would set up a hidden page on my website that would be made exclusivity for the apartment complex (ie. welcome Shady Hill Pines residents to the contest). The reason for the hidden page is that I would not want the apartment manager to see that I ran this contest with other apartments. The only requirements to enter the contest are "liking" my facebook page (and maybe bookmarking my site) and then replying on the page with their contest answer.

What do you think? Would this contest offer value that apartment managers would like and would participate in? What would you change?
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    I will same one thing that " The more we invest, the more we earn "
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