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Ive said this before, but Im saying it again

Videos that have no way for me to rewind, fast forward or see how long they last, get lost , respect me and my time , unless you are only aiming for people with nothing to do during their day and no value on their hours, you're an idiot.

Heres the thing, the video person starts off with talking about themselves , how great they are, what they've done, where they've come from to be where they are now, get lost egomaniac, I don't care about you, I may do if your info is a great fit for me and my business or any of my clients, but let me discover that first, then maybe I will care about your story, but if you don't give me any option but to listen to 5 minutes of your inane life drivel before we begin what Im there for , you can go to hell , Im out of there, my times too valuable to care about you when you clearly don't care about me when youre trying to win me as a client /associate.

yeh yeh yeh I know its a trick to get me to watch it all ,jeez theres so much value in there Id be crazy not to right, yeh OK :rolleyes:

And don't get me started on live webinars that last for an hour+, have 20 minutes life story, 20 minutes idle matey chit chat amongst co presenters, 'Oh define me, aren't I wonderful', then 20 minutes pitch and NO value, haha long time ago since I never attend live ones, just watch the recordings and fast forward them, when they allow me to
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    I agree 100%, very annoying.

    I now just open up another tab and continue with other tasks until they stop blowing their own trumpet and get to the juicy stuff.
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    yeh and then if you miss a bit or don't grasp what they say, you cant rewind a minute or so and listen to it again, you either miss it or have to restart, I mean seriously don't they think of anything but their own dumb voices .


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    That is why I hate those whiteboard presentations versus sales copy.
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      Originally Posted by Rearden View Post

      That is why I hate those whiteboard presentations versus sales copy.
      Hahaha... same here. Let me see... I can read your printed sales copy in 20 seconds, or I can WATCH a video of nothing but your same sales copy dispensed to music over a period of 3 minutes. Ummm, yeah... that really sweetens the pot.
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    Agree with this. You better hook me fast because I won't sit long for a video of an undetermined length. Depending on the topic, I am most likely to watch if it is 2 minutes or less, unless we're talking about a webinar, in which case please keep it to 60 minutes or less.
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      Wow I thought it was just me that felt this way! I agree 100% with you on this for sure. The last time that happened to me (long time ago) I swore never again will I sit for an unspecified amount of time. In fact that last one was over a half hour and I stopped it!

      Apparently there are a lot of marketers that think this is a great technique.
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    If it is a YouTube video I always find myself clicking to watch it on youtube's site so I can see the controls and skip around or download it for later.
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    There is always a large group of potential buyers who have plenty of time to watch the entire video and those are the prospect they are after.

    I don't watch them and never regret it. On the other hand, many people do watch them and often regret it... :-)

    In my opinion, the sellers want you to simply buy the product without watching the video. They know that if you forward the tape you might decide to pull back and not buy it. In other words, they believe more people will buy the product out of curiosity (it works great if you offer a no questions asked refund guarantees) than after the "interrupted" video watching session. It's just a numbers game.
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    any video lacking controls is an auto exit for me. And ones that don't post the video length, is it 2 minutes or 20 freakin hours?

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  • Most definitely. If there aren't any controls, I'll watch for maybe a few seconds, if that, then close. I NEED TO BE ABLE TO REWIND!
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