Cold Call and Email Script to Sell SEO

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Hi I would appreciate if someone can give me a good email and cold script o sell SEO to local businesses. thanks.
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    I did the search for hours but got how to start cold calling. I didn't see a script that would be helpful. Meaning after I get through the gate, what do I say about seo to make the prospect hook etc.

    Anyway will do another search and will post result here.
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    ok I got something ...

    Originally Posted by abelamorales
    I'm working on launching my Internet Marketing business. As a start, I want to focus on offering SEO services to dentists. I'm trying to figure out how to really make my service unique. So far this is what I have:

    1. Provide Monthly Report on SEO Progress
    2. Provide Exclusivity Rights to their city
    3. If I am unable to rank their site to a local keyword by the time the contract ends, I'll continue working until it ranks in the top 3 positions at no additional cost.

    What do you guys suggest I do to set myself apart? I feel like everyone else is doing what I'm doing and I really want to have a unique selling point.

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    Aaron Doud Reply

    1. Why do I want a report. I hired you to handle it.
    2. If you want to compete with yourself feel free. But that isn't a benefit to me.
    3. So you are telling me you may suck and if you suck you will continue to suck for free? Where do I sign up? :|

    As others have said it shouldn't be about you. And considering how everything you just said sounds the same as everyone else just not saying these things will help.

    Another point I want to make is do you need to be different? Hear me out on my thinking here. Lots of places sell SEO. In fact every single place you will contact likely has been contacted dozens of times already. You just need him to agree he needs the service while he is talking to you vs. talking to you competitors. You need to be at the right place at the right time. And you can help make that happen.

    "Doctor Smith, my name is Aaron and I help Dentists just like you capture clients that they are losing to their competitors. I am sure you get dozens of calls from people just like me promising to help you show up better on google, isn't that right?

    You know what we do. You may even know why you should let us help you.

    But you know what, Doctor Smith? None of that matters. Right now people in Moline and the surrounding area are searching for Dentists on google. Doctor Jones, Doctor Jackson, and Doctor Hanks are who they are finding. I see it on the screen right in front of me. Someone like me is helping them I am sure.

    Think about it this way if your friend's son had a toothache wouldn't you want him to see a dentist, any dentist? Rather it was you or Doctor Jones you would want him to get help, right?

    Well this is your "toothache". And rather it is me or one of esteemed competitors you choose my only concern is that you get the help you deserve. So the only question I have left is this..... Are you ready to get that help and get more clients?"

    I'd have to call and test it. But I will tell you right now that is not what I get when people cold call me personally. You sure as hell would stand out by not trying to stand out.
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    Okay, I wanted to see that you had done some work first and weren't just asking us to lay it out there for free "Do it all for me so I don't have to do anything." No investment = no commitment.

    Read this thread

    Start thinking about how you could easily adopt it for SEO.

    And this will help expand on that

    As far as learning how to sell goes, that's a skill...not something you're going to read a thread or two about and 'get'.
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