Wow, the moment you realize you need to hire out your sales, is ......

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When you have convinced the client of the full value of what you are selling. They love it completely, you give them a price. They take that price, but then they ask if it shouldn't be higher and you are saying oh no, "I have given you a fair price", and they then ask again if I shouldn't be charging them more, and I say no. So a deal where I might have earned 25% - 50% more I talked my way out of.......I just keep underselling myself because it's a lack of confidence and because I desperately need the money.

So my moral of my story, to all of you, is to not undersell yourself. Learn your trade and be confident in the skills you have. It's better to start high, and negotiate lower, because(as I have learned, though still haven't applied well) if you start low, no matter what it is, it's hard to negotiate the exact same thing for higher. And perhaps instead of hiring out my sales I should just work on becoming a better salesman(which I try to do daily) but I am losing out on a lot of money in the limbo....:/ (Which funny enough is a really fun thing to roller skate too{Though I haven't been that flexible in years})
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  • I've been trying to hire sales guys for a month. Good sales guys are difficult to find. Even in a large metropolitan city. Then again, I can't even seem to hire a decent personal assistant : |

    I totally agree with you. Unless you are selling a product that has a very low introductory price to get over the initial hurdle then upsell, it is ALWAYS better to tell them the highest price first. I have been to a few meetings where after I told them the price, I wished I would have quoted them higher the first time. Live and learn....

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    perhaps your client understands the true value of your work and you don't.
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    If you don't put value in your product, no one else will.
    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
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    The number one thing I can tell you is even if you are a one man show you prices should reflect paying a sales person and an implementer plus leave a profit. If your prices can't handle multiple employees they are too low. You have built a job and not a business.
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      That's good advice. Thanks all!
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