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I used to be afraid of cold calling in the past. However, it was mainly simply because I never actually was able to because I was in a different country, but now that I am in the US and constantly traveling, I decided I would give cold calling a try.

I tried it several times about six months ago, but nothing ever worked. I stopped and got too scared to do it, but I learned that I needed to at least try.

I got in contact with some good friends who helped give me some quick tips worth using.

I cold called a small business in California throughout the Sacramento area. I was in that area several months ago. I called and just striked up a conversation.

NEVER EVER make it sound like you are selling. It just doesn't work. You need to always find something to talk about that you and the manager or owner could talk about.

I am not going to go into detail about how it went, but let's just say that throughout several monhe of testing, I landed many high paying clients.

For quite awhile now, I have relied on other strategies and marketing techniques to get clients, so I always knew how to land clients in general.

This post is to simply let you all know that if I was scared to do it but still did it, you can too. I am no expert on cold calling, so I will not be teaching others all about yet since I am not exactly the best at it, but I do know that it doesn't take a genius to befriend a business owner.

Just remember this: if you were on the other line, how would you like to be treated? If you were the business owner, how would you react?
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    It makes the quote true "80% of success is just showing up!"

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      Originally Posted by Entrecon View Post

      It makes the quote true "80% of success is just showing up!"
      Hmm~ if this is true.. what does the other 20% of success entail?

      TYSM ahead of time for your quick response!
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      Originally Posted by Entrecon View Post

      It makes the quote true "80% of success is just showing up!"
      Just a bit of trivia about that quote. Woody Allen said it. And in a documentary about him I saw, he said he was just making a joke when he said that and he's flabbergasted that quote's taken seriously and has taken on a life of its own.
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    This is inspiring. I've always wanted to try cold calling as well. I'm terribly afraid of how the other end of the line would react or how to even make good conversation to start with. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights as well.
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    What is your selling price and what type of service are you offering?
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    Congratulations on your success. I know that you said you always try to strike a conversation and you don't try to make it seem like you're selling something, but can you possibly share the script you're using? Or give us an example of how you open?
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    Guys, there are many threads about how to start fact, I personally have wrapped everything up with a bow on it here:

    Use that Search feature. Whatever your question is, it's probably been asked 10 times before.
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      I've never done cold calling, maybe someday, but have used soft selling in the past, you're right, if you're sound like your selling them, they'll prob just shut down.

      Was watching Dragons Den on YouTube recently, and the pitches that sounded like a cheesy sales pitch were aweful, the natural ones, with a bit of personality and persoanl experience went down much better.
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    That's great to hear! Cold calling is so much easier when you have some sort of game plan.

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    Congrats man!
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    As sales man you must use calling call to get more deals
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    That is so awesome.
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    I would cold call more but since the yellow pages are gone I don't know anywhere to find numbers other than cold calling "in the street."
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