Make your Presentations Stronger by Using a "Benefit Sandwich"

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Prospects have been trained not to trust sales people. You can't change this you can only deal with this. So how do you get people to trust what you are telling them?

Also too many Sales People are Tellers. Which means they use presentations to show features (and hopefully benefits) that they know. Sometimes they simply info dump on the prospect. They forget to make sure that the benefits have meaning to the prospect.

That is where using a technique I call the Benefit Sandwich comes into play. The idea being that you only present features/benefits that related to something your prospect has told you. And you make sure during and directly after said presentation of said benefit that you makes sure to not only tie it into what they said but get them to confirm it.
  • Top Bun, the Expressed Interest: No feature should ever be shown unless the prospect has personally showed an interest in a benefit of said feature.
  • Meat, the Benefit Presentation: You show the feature focusing only on the benefit(s) they have already expressed interest in.
  • Bottom Bun, the Reinforcement Question: Ask a question to reinforce how said feature gives them the benefit that related back to what they said. Tie it all together.

(based on real sales I've done)

Top Bun -
"You mentioned before you wanted a bunk house. How many people would you like to sleep?"

"We have three kids and I know they want to bring friends along. So I guess five plus" - Top Bun

Later during presentation.....

Meat -
"The reason I wanted to show you this model was because it had so many sleeping areas. I know you said you would need to sleep the two of you plus your three kids and even at times their friends.

As you can see here we have the queen bed up front for the two of you. You'll notice the bunk area is on the opposite end of the coach so you can have some privacy.

Now back here in the bunk area we have three bunks. So when it is just you and the kids they will each have a bunk of their own. Now do you see that "drawer" under this bottom bunk?"


"Go ahead and pull that out. As you can see there is a hidden trundle bed so now in the bunk area you can easily sleep 4. But if one brings a friend I am sure the others will as well. So let's go out into the main area. Here you see you have the couch and dinette. As I mentioned before couches and dinettes always turn into beds but this floor plan makes that even better.

See the couch? That isn't a futon style like most. It actually folds open to become an air mattress hide-a-bed. So instead of sleeping one you can easily sleep two here.

Over here on the dinette you can see that it is a u-shaped dinette. So while eating you have loads of room for the kids and all their friends. Just grab two or three more chairs for this side and you can easily get them all at the table.

But we were talking about sleeping. And as you can see this is wider and longer. In fact when you turn it into a bed even a tall person like me can fit on it. Plus it is wide enough for two people."
- Meat

Bottom Bun -

"Look over all the sleeping areas. As I showed you can sleep 10 without anyone using a sleeping bag inside or a tent outside. Based on what you said early you needed to sleep at least five plus nine or more (one friend each) often. Do you think this floor plan would work based on your large family and friends?

Yes I think it would."

"Looks like between this u-shaped dinette and the picnic table you find at most campgrounds you should be able to feed nine plus people even on a rainy day. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes I had not really thought about seating at a table if it was raining. That will help when we are all camping."

"And if they want to bring a lot of friends I am sure you can see how you could easily fit a few sleeping bags on the floor as well due to the dual slides. Do you think that is something you might do."

"Not so sure we want to have that many kids with us. Think we might put them out in tents at times like you suggested."- Bottom Bun

Great part about that last line is it is also a Top Bun for the outside door to the bathroom. Which I would go into right way.

If you do this correctly you can create a whole chain of Benefits Sandwiches where each leads into the next. When when the chain ends you can start a new one based on new questions (return to the Ask Phase) or previous answers they gave you during the Ask Phase of the Sales Process.
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    Glad I could help. I posted part of this in another thread but felt it would be a good single topic.

    I've been defining how I sell recently to help others. And trying to put it into terms like this which will make it easier to train others.

    Over time we get so used to selling that it just happens. But to help others you have to define what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Been very conscious of those lately.
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