Tracking Phone Calls From Paid Online Advertising For Local Clients

by mrmatt
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Hey Everyone,

Is there a way to track calls from paid online advertising i.e. facebook, display ads, adwords etc.?

The only way I could think of tracking this is having a separate landing page with a different number.

Is there something else out there that would do this without having to buy a separate number.
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    I've used analyticcalltracking self hosted script, It was a great service at one time but now using callfire.

    Other sources for call tracking are:
    Call Source
    Ad Numbers
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    Thanks Cram that was helpful.

    But is there a way to really know whether or not the paid online advertising you are doing is actually making the phone ring?

    Let's say you were working with a dentist. If I buy Facebook ads or use adwords. How do you really track if the advertising is paying off and making the phone ring.

    This is assuming you are driving traffic to their main site with the ads.

    Is there anything out there that can do that?

    Or would you really just need to clone the site and swap out phone numbers?
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    You could set something like this up with Twilio/OpenVBX. At only $1/month per number, it shouldn't really be an issue of cost, but if you HAD to have the same number, you could use extensions. Either way, you wouldn't really need to clone the site, just have each traffic source pass a variable and just change out the extension/number accordingly.

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    mrmatt, you need something like prosper202 - set up a campaign that tracks through to the end. this way you can see individual visitors and who went through the funnel and who didn't based on keywords
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    For a free service you can use Google Talk and the paid service that I think is the best I use a company called callrail they do a little whisper to your client when they answer the phone letting them know that you generated the lead ...

    Best of luck
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