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by WaltR
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Hi all,

Great site here and forum. Long time lurker finally joined today.

Since I'm new to the world of direct mail, I'm wondering if anyone ever ran into this situation: went to a local mid-size printer to have some flyers made for a non marketing related business and noticed there was a local publication there that they obviously print and mail. We got to talking about printing, marketing, EDDM etc. and then they pitched me on a large size EDDM postcard (everyone's been doing their own version of a 9 x 12 around here for a while). Because I had been toying with the idea of starting a local advertising product, I asked them how they could market products AND do printing for their customers. They said "well, we would never turn down any printing job".

That's not exactly what I expected to hear. They're a PRINTER and not an advertising company. Another printer near me is just a printer. He's cheaper but way to busy to do what I need done. I know if I walk into that first printer and say, "here's my idea, layout" etc., it will be on the street before I can get a mock made.

My idea is pretty complex as to layout, design, distribution etc. and I've learned much from many different sources without giving away too much. I also have initial advertisers interested enough to go ahead with this idea and I know approximately what it should cost; but, I feel like it's going to just be ripped off as soon as I get one area going. I do need some input from a trusted printer and a mock design made, so my thoughts are to either work with an out of state printer through e-mail (which I don't want to do) or maybe have the first one or even a third local printer (the first one's super expensive) sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement.

Am I nuts and being paranoid? Maybe this is just a bad first time experience or am I being naive thinking that this isn't going to happen everywhere I go?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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    Walt keep these printers away from your gameplan. When you're ready to print the campaigns, use an online printing company. For mockups, simply go to staples or fedex to get them printed.

    You don't need anything spectacular for a mockup, once you get your campaign out you can use those samples for your new mockups. Right now you just need a mockup to show at decent quality, which the local chain store printers can provide.

    For design, work with an out-of-state designer.
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      Hi Bob,

      Was wondering if you might pop up. Glad you did and thank you!!!

      I like working face to face so it stinks to have to do that; but, I guess you're saying..."yes, they or one of their long time customers will be running with this."

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    Bob can't promote his services, but I can. I have used local printers and online printers. Bob Ross' printing services are excellent and you shouldn't be afraid to do business with him. He is on the east coast and I am on the west coast, my orders were delivered quickly, the price was really good and the print quality fabulous.

    Ultimately you want a printer who delivers a quality product on time and at a great price; doesn't matter if they are across town or across country.

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      Thanks Digichik! Didn't know or think of contacting Bob for printing. Will look into that...Walt.
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    I am a Bob Ross member for a while now and let me tell you......Bob Ross is the MAN!!!! His customer service and professionalism is the best that there is!! I have used him for a few of my clients projects and I couldn't be happier with his service, and will be using him for all my future projects! He will be the only one you should ever get your printing from, try his service out and you will see what I mean!
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      Get an account at either or for printing.

      They both do awesome work and I haven't found a printer that does better work or that is cheaper.

      You don't need any fancy design software. Import their pics into Publisher, add some text and then save as a pdf. Email the pdf to them and you'll have your post cards in about 7 days.

      If you need design work - get someone cheap off craigslist for about $100 per side.

      Life - enjoy it . . .

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