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Teenager Molly Clegg buys the jewellery shop she used to work in | Mail Online

I can only hope I raise my daughters to be an business minded as Molly here.

Awesome to see an 18 year old who understands that business not college is the right path for a great life.

Anyone who lives in the area might want to offer her some marketing help. She's bound to be in the news more and it could be some great PR for your company.
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    already contacted her ;-) (after reading it through your link just now) , (added later)will speak more next week when its died down a bit

    The website isn't showing (probably crashed due to the PR piece), Facebook page nothing on it since 2010, but to be fair the area is a local one, very rural, the business has a lot of potential. But she also needs to learn the ropes first before she can begin wrestling with too many new clients.

    I totally agree re the PR angle .

    (added later ) In fact this piece you shared will probably do her more harm than good as I can imagine the PR vultures swooping already and all the other money grabbers, I'm offering her cost only solutions for the first 3 months eg if we did a mailing she'd only pay for the actual production and postage costs. Why? Because we would only be keeping it small for now until she really settled into her role else we would over run her too quickly with the results.


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    Mike hope you can make a connection. I'd love to be local to her. You really want to be local or at least in the UK so you can be there for events. This girl will get press for a while at least on the local level. Great way to do some cheap or probono work to ride the PR coattails.
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  • I think this is a really good story. It is nice to see how she used her money for college to do something that would yield for her a business that can make her a huge money right now. She made a smart move
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  • Aron Daud,

    You are speaking my language.
    Parent's send their kids to school to get a "job" (be a wage slave for another to make him profits).
    Schools create courses on how to sell yourself out to employers so you can make them profits while you slave for the same lumpsum (same wage amount).
    In christmas, your employer's shop will probably be 3 times more busy and you'd serve 3 times more customers and work 3 times more harder but do they pay you 3 times more wages ? You'd be lucky even if you get 20% raise so you can forget a 300% raise for a 300% more hard work!

    I say, schools should not program kids to be slaves but free.
    Schools should taylor courses to run your own business to be free and not to make profits for others so they can be free while you slave away taking care of their businesses !!!
    Schools should not find jobs for students but find institutions that will help students startup their own businesses.
    Schools should not send students out to work experience and then at the end influence the employer to hire the student but influence the employer to open another branch and get the student to run it as a partner!
    Now, that is what I would call going to school for a "bright future"!
    Nowadays, you go to school for a bright future to become a wage slave for another! W*F !!!

    In short: **** Jobs and Wage Slavery!
    Agree ?

    Can anybody give me some ideas to build an automation tool that would help 16yr olds to startup their own online businesses and snatch all these employers' customers, who were supposed to hire them after graduation ?
    He! He! Imagine, some employer waiting to hire your son or daughter as soon as they graduate so they can make him/her money slaving 9-5 while they employers double date behind their wives/husbands as they find free time at their hands to fool around since your kid is doing all the work taking care of his/her business but suddenly sees your kid starting-up as a competition and attracting all his/her old loyal customers. He/she will double quick get his trouser zip/blouse button done not DOUBLE QUICK but TRIPLE QUICK the amount of time it took them to uzip it/unbutton it and come rushing back to work to win back the customers he/she is losing. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Now, where is that bot idea that I need to base my bots around so teens can use them to make money online and stick the middle finger at his/her "waiting to be employer after graduation" person ?

    Check my Username! What does it say ? Check out my other posts and you'll probably agree the Username fits me well. :)
    And, don't forget to subscribe to my threads. After-all, they're meant to help you find new ideas, customers and leads.

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    family friend already ensconced for consolidation period but when they look to grow over the next 6 months +, I'm their man .


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      Originally Posted by mjbmedia View Post

      family friend already ensconced for consolidation period but when they look to grow over the next 6 months +, I'm their man .
      Keep that networking up. I think this could turn into a good opportunity for you.
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