Make and fight for unreasonable demands

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In the book "Business Brilliant," Lewis Schiff talks about how self-made millionaires ask for way more in negotiation than an average middle class person.

Steve Jobs is a good example. He made and fought for outrageous demands as detailed in this article about three negotiation tactics he used.

3 Brilliant Negotiating Tips I Learned From Steve Jobs |

For me, it is important to want to help people in your business. At the same time, you need to advance your goals, because if you don't keep prices and revenue up, you won't get the chance to help anybody grow their company.

And if you grew up in a home where you were taught to play fair, be nice, and "win-win," you'll get rolled on by a savvy negotiator. It just happened last night on "Shark Tank" here in the States, where a company with sales in the millions possibly gave away too much.

Worst Deals Made On 'Shark Tank' - Business Insider

It will probably work out fine, but many say they could have worked a better deal.

Schiff says it's not just about being an unfeeling tough guy--you have to understand the emotions in a negotiation.

For example, when buying a home, you can and should fall in love with it if you want it. You should picture what it would be like to grow your family there, to celebrate the holidays there.

But shift your thinking once you start talking dollars, and be ready to walk. "Win-win" becomes "win-win or no deal."

You should make and fight for unreasonable demands. You'll come away with much more over time than a false "win-win," which too often becomes "they win-you lose" if you are not careful.
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