Is there a way I can make money by advertising my client's product on ebay?

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He has an awesome unique product that nobody is offering and is in great demand. Each sale earns him thousands of dollars. He doesn't know a thing about the internet.

I know his product would sell extremely well on ebay but even if I told him this secret, he wouldn't be able to understand how to use ebay and doesn't have the time.

Is there any way I can profit from this situation?
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    You tell him you will buy wholesale from him for 20-40% off his retail price (whatever leaves him with a decent margin for no work). You then sell on Ebay. Will work good till he cuts you out of the equation; maybe consider an exclusivity agreement for certain things (ie: ebay).
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    The real key here is that you should partner with him, he can take care of the offline business and you can take care of the online business. If that cant work for you find a broker online and tell him what the product is and team up with someone that has knowledge on ebay. Look through ebay and find someone selling something similar. Then contact them and make them a proposal.
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