500 dollars a day, hard work!

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I need comments/advice on my new idea.

I work as a Independent contractor doing courier work. I make 500/wk. Not enough to support my family and my impending baby.

Old school direct marketing.

Product: Leads
Delivery: Flyers.

Target Customers: Delivery restaraunts, carpet cleaning, services, etc.

Door to door delivery of bills, menus, flyers, etc.

Price :25-30$/per 1000 circulated

Will create local jobs
will generate leads
will generate profit

What's different? Free SMS consultation, and my flyer with a giveaway on it.

People will see free giveaway, call to register to win.
As they call, i will have documentation/verification of the distribution of the flyers, and I will also have some good contacts for later direct marketing.

Also, I will provide GPS smartphone verification for distribution of flyers.

I figure I can do the hard work, (calling, door to door), get it started, then hire people to do the work after awhile.

Flaws, promises? Please advise.

All clients I make I can then build a relationship and sell:

Marketing, INternet marketing, Website creation, direct mail, printing

Anyways, let me know.
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    That plan kinda sucks. Seriously

    I'm not trying to be mean, but you're hear for advice right? Here's a couple idea's.

    1. Work for free. Yup, I said it. You heard it. Work for free - for a couple people. Build websites, or offer services that YOU can do (so that way you don't have to pay someone else). All you are out at this point is some time. But only work for free with the agreement that after you provide them with their shiny new website, and blow their mind they will give you a list of 5 people they know, that could use your services. AND be willing to be a reference for you in the future. Now you have references, a portfolio, case study examples,, and probably 2 future customers that will happily refer you to everyone they know.

    Now make sure you over-deliver like hell to these first clients. You want a G-L-O-W-I-N-G review from them. Not because they got it for free, but because it kicks ass, and they are proud of it.

    2. Go out into your community and give away something people want. Prizes & giveaways are kinda outdated ideas. Not saying that they don't work. But I'd rather give them something they find useful, and paints you as an expert. Like this PLR magazine. Go b to b with an ipad and get business owners to see it for themself. Tell him that you're giving away free subscriptions to this magazine to local business owners in the community.

    Also, once you have paying clients - make sure they know about your referral program. Offer them a referral payout for each new client they send your way. Make it worth their wild, at least $100 per new client. Then, you have a constant stream of happy clients, that are sending you the BEST types of leads... Personal referrals Having happy clients do your marketing for you.
    "One of the Most Successful Offline WSO's Ever!
    Get More High $$$ Clients with this Small Business Marketing PLR Magazine
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    "I work as a Independent contractor doing courier work"

    How many businesses do you come in contact with now
    in your day to day work?

    Some you might think "they're way too big for me to
    work with."

    But there are people for whom those clients would be
    perfect and they would happily pay you a percentage
    of the fees they get from those clients (probably around
    10%- 20% ongoing) if you just recommend them and presell
    them a little.

    The smaller businesses you come in contact with you can
    also talk to the owners and suggest you get together for
    a talk.

    Use the contacts you already have and get face to face
    with people you've met.

    That will get you hired by some and any of the people you
    talk to you can also ask them who they know.

    If you're giving out high quality valuable information you'll
    be surprised how many business owners will happily
    introduce you to other business owners they know and
    those referrals are often the easiest to convert.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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    Why is it a lousy idea? I'm talking possibly making 5 digits a month
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      Originally Posted by HappyComputer View Post

      Why is it a lousy idea? I'm talking possibly making 5 digits a month
      five figures? :rolleyes:

      You're doing too much work for too less to possibly hit five figures.
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        You're not crunching the numbers right. If i had a business, 25 dollars per 1000 is a good deal. I'm not going to just get 1000, that's only a days worth of work.

        And the money making part is me passing out 5-6 fliers per house in one route.

        EVentually I won't be doing the work.

        would this be better

        In person,
        or over the phone?

        What would I say?

        I figured I would go with:

        Hello, I own a computer services company local here, and I use flyer marketing.

        I thought maybe I could pass out your fliers as well?

        Idk. Thats why I posted this for constructive feedback pertaining to the subject. Not advice like go do websites for free. I just don't have that kind of time.
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          Hey! Potential prospects are TIRED of receiving...."I kin do dis fer yuse!... jus gimme yer moolah!"

          So....my suggestion is to go buy a WSO by Dare-Devil Marketing (NO affil) called "Offline Legion".

          I did and....here's what gets clients for me;
          1) Choose 1 biz in a niche you're interested in
          2) Use the program;
          a) Go to CallFire and get a phone #
          b) Upload a Video (could be Dave Cisneros or Mark Helton or Nick Man) WITH your CallFire #.....and Re-Direct the calls to the Biz you chose
          3) Get "SpyPig" as a program to tell you when a prospect has Picked up your email.
          4) Send emall to biz you chose saying, "I see that you've picked up my email telling you that you've received "3 calls" from MY program. If you'd Like to continue receiving calls from consumers interested in YOUR biz, call me at 555-1212

          Biz owners want ONE THING....MORE BIZ!

          And...if little ol' YOU has provided your "Target" biz with some ACTUAL LEADS....where REAL potential customers have PHONED.....do you really think your biz choice will turn down your offer?

          Heck No! Da Proof is in da Pudding!"

          Don Alm.....still spooning out Pudding
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            Midasman, Does that really work? I ordered a video today for my computer business, and I'll SENuke it tomorrow. I checked the competition for keywords in suburbs and surrounding cities and the competition is low. In my city theres a very good SEO site for Computer Services, But i feel i would still route traffic to my business being 2nd or 3rd in a search, having competitive rates.

            When I search for a service personally, I always shop for rates.
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    HappyCustomer - You may want to price out those flyers first and cost of delivery. However I would not say its a lousy idea.

    Example: I did a sign campaign "Old School" earlier this year in Chicago. We generated about 40 calls a day during the campaign.

    Flyers work well, especially in major cities where flyers are the norm. If you have direct PPC clients and a method to hit mass volume you'll win. I came across this post as I was researching hiring a crew of 5-10 people to drop 50K flyers in my town door to door!

    Get Paid

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    I am confused... your headline says $500 a day and your thread says $500 a week.
    Are you working as a courier AND trying to make money through another business?
    Or are you trying to build your courier business?
    If you can clarify.... I spent a number of years working as a fleet controller/manager and I know that couriers can do remarkably well with courier work if it's done right.

    You also have access to a lot of potential customers if you plan to offer other services but you need to really understand what you want to offer because if it's your clientele, they won't often have time to listen so you must make your offer clear.

    Cheers, Laurence.

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    Laurencewins, thanks for your time and input.

    Courier: Day job. No relation

    Flyer Marketing, Offline advertising.

    I do computer repair/IT consulting, i Get 2-3 jobs a week. I printed out 2500 flyers and will be distributing them. But I have ANOTHER job at night delivering food. I talked to him and My OLD job, and got them to agree to 25$ per 1000 flyers distributed. I figured, I could get paid to pass out my flyers.

    And I will. But I figured you could make a business of it.
    I've heard of people who go around and pass out flyers door-to-door. Don't be fooled by the 25$. That's per 1000. 1000 fliers is 1 days of work for one person. But If you pass out more than 1 businesses flier at a time, you can make some profit if you do it right.

    I know alot of businesses wouldnt want to participate or have their flyer in a stack. That's why I tried to get creative. Anyways it was an idea spurred by the fact that I got 2 businesses to agree to pay me to pass out MY fliers.
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    Headline says 500 bucks a day.
    In the write-up you say 500 bucks a week.

    Ricardo Furtado

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    To clarify, I make 500 a week as a courier (day job).

    I need more money.
    These are my ideas, my brain.

    Sorry for misunderstanding.
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