Wall Street Journal Calls Him A Top Influencer On The Web -- My Interview with Neil Patel

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I am not one for self-promotion, but I think a lot of you will find value in this interview with Neil Patel. Jason Kanigan interviewed him a month or so ago and borrowed the idea from him. (Thanks Jason!)

If you're not on his list, do so now. The content he shares on Quick Sprout will blow any paid course out of the water.

Here are the questions Neil answers;
  • What is the number one thing a small business can do to gain visibility online?
  • If a small business owner had to choose, which should they focus on -- Social or SEO?
  • What's working right now for large corporation SEO and does it apply to small business?
  • What is the most important part of a website?
  • What is the simplest thing a small business can do that will get their biggest gains in terms of ROI?
  • Is Amazon a threat to Walmart?
  • What is the best piece of business advice he has ever received?
  • Why he doesn't use video and his plans to change that in 2014
  • When they make a movie for the Neil Patel story, who will play him?
  • Should ALL small businesses be blogging?

I did the "blur the background" in this Hangout and it blurs out my whole face, which I am told was a side benefit to this interview.
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    Hey Dukes!

    I actually watched this interview when you first posted it through Facebook (I think).

    I just wanted to drop a line and say THANKS and also how cool it is you were able to connect with someone like Neil. I'm a big fan of podcasts, especially business oriented ones, and originally learned of him through Mixergy.

    Good stuff - keep it up. =)
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    Yea, I had heard of him, but never followed him. I was talking with a client earlier this year and he asked

    Do you know who Neil Patel is?

    I figured if my client had heard of him, I ought to check him out. As soon as I get an email from him, I read it.

    In a completely unrelated note, I hope you and the Ms' are enjoying your trip.
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