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I often look at about us pages, most are rubbish, some are good, heres one I like

A chain of bakeries here in South west UK

Ok, we admit it - we haven't been
that good at promoting ourselves
in the past. To be honest we've
been too busy growing our business
to employ a marketing or PR
company to shout about ourselves.

Instead we've been letting the
people who matter the most tell
us if they like us or if we're any good.

Our customers vote with their feet, mouths, purses & wallets - all 30,000 of them who visit us each week. We know they don't need a marketing company or a blog or a website to tell them how good we are because they are telling us everyday that they like what we are doing. We prefer it that way - we don't like to preach!
Our 4th generation family-run business has operated through 2 world wars, numerous relocations, recessions & food shortages. We've grown from home deliveries by horse & cart into a successful artisan bakery employing 190 local people across Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bath & North East Somerset.
Everyday, whilst you're gently snoozing under your duvet in the morning, we're up and at it, making and baking the very best lovingly crafted fresh products.

I quite like that, yet I also know if they did use me for their marketing they'd have even more people through their door, so whilst they suggest they're against using one (thought doesn't mean that's true), I will be aggressively seeing to it that that end up doing so, they have 40+ branches, so will be a worthwhile pursuit , so how to proceed, well first off I will construct and approach using many of their phrases and beliefs from their own about us page to gain instant resonance with them, they have opened a new branch just round the corner from me, hence my interest but now I find they're a branch of many there's even more interest. So will pay them a visit, sample some delights and service, get some proof of me being there together with till receipt and approach head office as a customer with some feedback/ advice and build things from there.
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