1/2 Reality and 1/2 Theory - But Here's How To Make Some Quick Holiday Cash!

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I might as well throw this one out there since I've only partially completed it (hence the title to this post). And besides, there's plenty of work nationwide, so don't worry about competition.

Some of you out there will no doubt implement this with success - so to those who do, congrats.

Target: Your local www.coffeenews.com - The advertisers in there usually pay $25 - $35 per week and have to commit to 13 weeks.

Income Potential: Some quick math tells us that advertiser is spending around $325 low end to $455 High End

The Overview: I see a whole boatload of small, oddball, niche, local businesses advertising in this thing. But guess what? I seriously doubt that business owner tracks how many calls or sales they get from this ad.

The Opportunity: Take a pic (or screenshot) of their exact ad and make a 30 second video. Post it to YouTube and rank it on the 1st page of Google. If you want to make it real easy on yourself, just optimize the video for their business name + city.

The Sell: They are already paying to have their business on a piece of paper that just sits there and there is likely no tracking. You could put a call tracking number on their video (if you want), now you can prove ROI. But in the whole scheme of things, they will likely be impressed just seeing themselves right there on the 1st page of Google. Make it a one-time offer. If they don't want it, tell them no problem, you'll take it down and no more 1st page.

Personally, I would work a little harder and try to rank their video for terms that I know are getting traffic (not just their business name) and that will likely generate calls for them. This is RESULTS marketing...and they will love you for it.

Obviously, you're going to have to spin this in a way that sounds like a ton 'o benefits to them, and there are lots of ways you could do it. But here are a few that come to mind.....

The Value You Bring To Them:
1. Charge them a flat-fee of $20/week or $49/month (less than what they pay now).
2. They will not just be on the internet, but they will "have their business on the 1st page of Google".
3. Sure it sounds like a good deal to have your print ad setting there waiting for 11,000 - 15,000 people to look at and several different points of distribution throughout the city - but who cares! It's crap if nobody takes action to call them! - now you are bringing them TRACKABLE ROI - something they aren't getting with these print ads.

1. I don't know if it's legal to use the exact same ad layout that is already being used in the print ad.
2. I wouldn't go hog wild right out of the gate. Maybe try 5-10 advertisers.

Now you've got your foot in the door, and perhaps you can sell them on your other offerings.

Sidenote: BTW, I have only rank the videos (1/2 Reality), just haven't tried the sales part (1/2 Theory) and quite frankly, I don't have the time. Like I said, the "theory" is that it should work, but who knows.

Now......go look in the mirror and tell me what you see my friends. If it's a no holds barred, value bringing, IM badass who is ready to transcend to the pantheon of awesomeness, then go get that money!

- Shockwave
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    Seems interesting. When are you planning to start selling. would love to hear more about it after some cash is made. Good luck.
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      It's a good idea, but in fact illegal.

      Such businesses are itching to justify their payroll. As such, trademark infringement is something they take seriously. It's their bread and butter.

      You can reproduce their logos, but because it sounds like you're actually "using" these logos in a way that may generate profit, you have to establish in legalese that you are no way a representative of these businesses.

      You may be shocking some nerves on the Right to Publicity act as well, but I'm not sure.

      Worst that will happen is you'll get a Cease & Desist.
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    Make sure to contact the business and get prior permission to use their business name etc. Have this in writing as well to save future headaches. I know this may alter your business model but at least you do things safe and legal.
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