Global Revolutionary Revenue Stream For Offline Marketers and Their Clients

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Hi Guys,
I am posting today to intorduce a new revenue stream for those working in the offline niche worldwide. There is a new loyalty cash back card just hit the market that every offline marketer should know about.
  1. You can profit
  2. Clients will profit
Unlike any other loyalty scheme, this card can be used by customers in any outlet that is participating worldwide. bring you up to speed.
A customer takes their loyalty card into a participating store and upon full purchase the merchant issues a cash back of their choice onto the card, minimum is 2%. The merchant can select which items and days of week, duration etc. The customer can then use that cash in any other participating store or service that is in the network. But where it gets really good is that from that cash back, the referrer...You..get commission and your client who issued the card to their customer will also get a commission each time that customer uses their card in any participating outlet...worldwide. Your offline clients can also refer other businesses and generate even more commissions. For the first time merchants can recommend their competitors and benefit financially.

This card is going to spread like wildfire. on top of that your customers will get free advertising in the network which will include geo targeting...bringing customers right to their door. Even businesses that currently do not have an online presence will through the network. Which for offline marketers could be the foot in the door to upsell your own products.

Now you may be thinking whats the catch ..there aint. This system is FREE, free for customers and for businesses. The only cost is integrating the client Epos sytem, with the network. If they have a modern Epos system the cost is £75.00, or if they don't £150 pounds for a network tablet and that's it. Cheaper than a mailshot of menus and their delivery for one week, plus ongoing online advertising and a second income generation for the client.

Upon their integration with the network your clients will receive 250 loyalty cards, marketing material for the network and the help of the who brings them into the network to get the cards out. When 250 are activated more are sent in cycles free for life. For each cash-back your client gives they will only be charged 2.75% for example 10% discount the client will be charged 2.75% fixed fee by the network thus each cash-back the merchant offers will only ever incur a 2.75% fee for all transactions.

I hope my global friends can see the beauty of this scheme and hop on board. due to network policies on spamming I cannot provide the link for you to watch the video here to sign up. So kindly PM me with your email address and your country and I will send you the link to the video. if you can see this for the fantastic opportunity that it is on it's own and also how you could use it to get in the door with the many many businesses who are not online yet with whom you could start to upsell your own products. Then contact me now!
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