What services to offer to restaurant owners?

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Hello everyone!
I'm planning on offering marketing services to restaurant owners. The restaurant niche is really broad and the marketing of a lot of restaurant can be improved very easily.

My idea is to create a website that contains a lot of high quality content about how to market a restaurant and also tutorials on how restaurant owners can do it themselves. My services are like an alternative for them.

Because I don't have a lot of experience in the restaurant niche I have some questions.

Do you guys think that restaurant owners like a community site on which they can find a lot of information on how to market their restaurant?

What services can I offer and outsource really easily? I came up with a few already:

- Create a website
- Create a mobile site
- Create a Google+ account and add them to Google Maps.
- Setup social media for them.
- Create a video of their restaurant.
- Offer SEO (Is this easy to outsource?)

My goal is to really help the restaurant owners, not to take their money by offering overpriced services that are useless. My services are just an affordable alternative if they don't want to do the marketing themselves.

Do you guys know some more ways to market a restaurant and that can be outsourced easily?
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    depending on their target market, to local usually use google maps, websites have to ensure that their professional, social media to attract visitors to remember social media is very powerful because every second person speaking, use interesting videos, etc

    autsorcing seem simple video, like video animations
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