Getting em' buying from you, rather than the other guy

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In past posts I showed 2 ads which made the owner
the only choice.

Part of that methology used was re-setting the buyer's criteria
in what to look for when searching to buiy a product or service.

I've shown by example how it was used.

Today, here's somebody else's point of view on changing buying criteria.

A slightly different take, illustration and example
just may help you "get it".

So here's in interview on this subject....


MP3: Unusual Ways to Set Buying Criteria |
#buying #guy
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    Thanks Ewen for this share, as always you share great tips. Am just listening to the interview which has amazing value.
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    Good stuff (except for Livingston's long winded scripted sales pitch starting at 32:17). The only thing is, sure, you can lay out what the buying criteria should be and all that, and do all the sales voodoo in it, but it's one thing to point all that out to potential buyers and another thing for the potential buyer to actually accept it, buy into it and adopt it as their own.
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