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If you've been following my posts and emails
for a while, then you likely know that I'm a big
believer in the power of focus.

When I say power of focus, I'm talking about your
ability to concentrate on the things that will actually
result in checks in hand.

If 2013 was a bitter disappointment to you, then it's likely
that for some reason or another you just weren't able to
hone in on a way to consistently get paying clients.

That can't continue into 2014 and I intend to do all
that I can to help you.

And the number one way that I know to do that is to
share with you the wisdom of breaking your goals down
into their basic daily components.

See, I know that your success lies in your ability to
simplify your daily activities down into the few things
that lead to actually making money.

Now, I'm not one of those anti-fun guys who say
don't even check your email, answer your phone or
talk to your family during the day.

However, I am a big believer in time blocking for the
money-making activities.

So, when it's time to bang out three or four hours
of calls, that's all you need to be doing unless the
house is on fire.

When it's time to send out your email blasts, then
that's all you're doing until they're done.

But, that type of time blocking during the work day
only works for you if you're a full-time consultant or
work third shift or something.

If you're working a 9-5 job, then you almost have no
choice but to become great at more of a automated
sales processes.

But that's okay.

When you finally crack that nut open, you'll be in a
better position to scale your business up.

So, here's what I mean by a daily action plan that's
focused on money-making activities.

1. Mail out ten salesletters to local business owners
homes with ad critiques.

2. Submit a flyer to your local chamber of commerce
that offers a free lead magnet. This flyer will be mailed
out to all members of that chamber.

That's usually about 300-2000 business owners.

(By the way, there are 7,000 chambers nationwide. That
averages out to about 140 chambers per state. So, you could
submit a one page salesletter to be mailed out to a different
chamber every single week day for 7 straight months.)

3. Setup a small budget facebook ad campaign that targets
one specific type of business owner.

Rotate between running a ad that gives away a lead magnet
and a ad that makes a direct offer to buy marketing services.

Now, if you just did those three things on a daily basis
for just three months and tried a different lead magnet and
offer every other week, do you think you'd be better off than
buying wso after wso?

That's what I'm talking about when I say the power of focus.

So, over the next few days and week, set aside some
time to make a daily plan that only consists of things
that lead to money.

Food for thought,

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    Do you have a source for these type of magnets?
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    Yes great advice. Develop a plan and take daily action. It's also very important to come up with a reasonable goal that you should be able to achieve in the next 30-60 days.

    If you don't reach that goal then you need to identify why you were unable to reach your goal and create an improved plan. Never give up. Once you accept defeat you will be tempted to buy other products and wso's.
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    • Profile picture of the author Biz Max
      Good stuff Chris. The salesletter (direct mail) has been effective for me in the past.

      The best part about your post is DO SOMETHING. Stop looking for a magic
      bullet and dig in. Some spend too much time debating on what to do... typically
      ending up doing nothing.
      Small Business Marketing & Branding Specialist
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