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Construction contracting t-shirts and sweat shirts act as both an identifying uniform as well as a 3-d business card as your employees go about their tasks.

However instead of making the shirt a simple business card script of name, number, & trade; what if I make it more like the postcard formula? Include a call to action!

I got the idea as the competition and peers' shirts look generic and passive. I figured if the phone book ad analogy of looking just like your competition spells doom to those willing to differentiate themselves.

Any idea from the pros or advice on how to best do this?
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    you certainly could put some sort of call to action on it--maybe directing them to a lead capture page or something. I've never seen that done before--not sure what your results would be--but it couldn't hurt.

    However if you plan on giving them out--people may not wear them for the risk of looking like a walking billboard.

    how about ordering some extra shirts and then giving them out to people on your facebook page? If you run out of shirts to give out--start making a list of people who want the shirts--and then send them out to them.

    then you'll have people wearing your shirts around town. good for brand recognition--and maybe people will start to wonder who you are--ask questions and maybe you could land some business.

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    The best business shirts I have seen tell a story with an image and a few words that sets them apart from the same old logo, name, contact info shirts. Make a statement with them, make the design tell something unique about the company, make it something someone would buy in a store if they could. Otherwise, they will just get tossed to the back of the closet and eventually end up tossed out all together.

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    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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      My intention was to give them to employees. Let them keep them. I have people whom wear old shirts for companies that they used to work for or went out of business. So getting them seen around shouldn't be too hard.

      What I was thinking was having a shirt that had the bare bone contact info and then an offer and a call to action.

      Perhaps something along the lines of Electric motor and machines fixed or no cost to you.

      Service panel changes are the heart of your electrical system, would you let just anyone work on your heart?

      I am looking for a more active shirt instead of the cookie cutter ones out there.
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