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A few days ago....someone was looking for Promos for "Dry Cleaners" . Here's a Promo for Dry Cleaners I did some years ago that is STILL viable for making money even though the Dry Cleaning biz is way down.

One of my Dry Cleaner clients asked me if I knew of a "business-boosting" promotion he could use that did NOT involve "Coupons" or "Discounts"! He said he was "Tired of having to reduce prices"!

So....I thought about offering a Premium that his Dry Cleaning customers would WANT...and....be willing to "InCREASE THEIR ORDERS"! to get the FREE Premium!

So....why not offer a "GOLD CLOTHES HANGER"!...with orders of $25 or more!

I found a supplier of beautiful GOLD hangers.....bought a sample and showed it to my client. He "went Ape"! He LOVED it!

So I put together a Program for him where his customers could have a "FREE" Gold Hanger IF....they ordered $25 or more in cleaning.

I placed an Ad on a 11x17 Display on his counter along with an actual Gold Hanger.

His "average" order at the time, was about $15. I told him if I could get his customers to spend an extra $10 per order.....would he go ahead? Well, he figured if he could get 500 customers to spend an extra $10....that would be an extra $5,000 a Month.

So....I went ahead and did this for 3 mos....skipped a month and did another 3 mos. I then went to other Dry Cleaners. I forgot the "numbers" except that I was making $500 a month and the Hangers were costing me $1.25 in bulk.

I had a "good run" with this and thought I'd post this for someone looking for way to mae some extra bucks.

Oh....I also sold my "Bee-Back" cards to my Dry Cleaners.

These were colorful business-card sized cards (with my "Bee-Graphic") that were Given to customers with a "Bee-Back" value of 50cents for each $5 order. So....someone ordering $25 worth of cleaning (to get a Gold Hanger) would then receive a "Bee-Back" card worth $2.50 towards their next order.

Worked wonderfully and brought my participating Dry Cleaners Mucho Dineros.

Don Alm
Ohhhh.....just remembered something else; I noticed that when clothes were dry cleaned they were placed in a paper sack and given to customers. I told the owners I'd provide them with FREE sacks if they'd let me put Ads of local biznesses on them. They agreed and I proceeded to sell Ads on the sacks and "Shirt Cards".
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