the legality of local lead gen? can anyone advise please?

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Hi all, this maybe a really simple answer to many of you but i just need to clarify.

If i was going to do local lead gen and i created my site called "London Plumbing Services" for instance, and the got it ranked and used adwords, and all the rest of it and started getting leads to sell, in effect does this make me a business owner of a plumbing business?

Can i list this website on google maps purely to generate leads to sell,even though i am not a plumber?

i look forward to your responses, thanks in advance...

Im in UK btw
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    No, it doesn't make you a plumber.
    You aren't supposed to create fake listings.
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      I had a private investigator go to the State Board because I didn't have any state license number on the site at all (because I'm not a PI and was trying to sell leads). I was bumping him from the front page and he didn't like it. Actually I think he wrote it in the comments section of a Youtube video I had created. Thing is, the name of the channel was fictitious, and I intentionally made it generic enough that it could have been any PI.

      I had thought about writing a sarcastic reply but took down the video instead. Who needs a legal challenge from someone who is associated with the legal industry? Wasn't worth the hassle. I guess some states have those kinds of licensing requirements.
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    Service Magic provides leads to many industries, they aren't professionals in any of them.
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      No, You cant have a plumbing business unless you have the required plumbing licience that is registered
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      True. Also, they do not create Google places for any business in any city.

      Originally Posted by Rus Sells View Post

      Service Magic provides leads to many industries, they aren't professionals in any of them.
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