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Time after time we see threads get posted on this forum that ask us to provide ideas on marketing. The questions are asked for pretty much every industry under the sun.

I decided to compose this so I can refer many of the people that email me asking for ideas to it. I am hoping other Warriors many of them much more gifted than I will share some of their process and minimum information requirements that are needed upfront for giving back these highly sought ideas.

There is also a belief held by many people that a good marketing idea is what they need to launch a company, increase sales for themselves or for their client. I have seen many people with good ideas go bankrupt because they did not consider the big picture. Marketing ideas are NOT good or bad they simply achieve different objectives based on circumstances and execution.

The big problem with most questions being asked regarding ideas for marketing this or that is that we are not given near enough information about the circumstances to provide any meaningful assistance.

The final result of any marketing initiative will be as dependant on the timing and mechanics of the execution as the idea(s) behind it. Further the numbers involved, historical data and background research for the given market should be absolutely key in shaping the marketing direction. Without proper information selecting the appropriate ideas and tactics of execution are like playing Russian roulette.

Please, when you ask us for ideas give us as much background info as possible!
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