Riches In Niches and Witches

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You probably heard of those structured settlement companies, right? You Know…

The ones that say they pay you a large percentage now if you have a large settlement coming in like lottery winnings, a law suit or anything that you’re receiving payments on.

For people who don’t want to wait years for their money or need larger sums fast, this is a great option.

Usually the company will buy the payments you receive for a discount. For example, if you are owed a million over 10 years, they may give you 600,000 for everything right now.

They take the payments over the next 10 years and you walk with your agreed amount today.

Now I’ve seen tons of these companies on tv and online and finally one really took the riches in niches to heart. You See…

There’s a structured settlement company that works specifically with women going through a divorce. These women may want money now for a better lawyer, new living arrangements, a shopping spree…whatever.

If they are wealthy women going through a divorce, this company will give them a percentage now for what they would have once the divorce is finalized.

Sure, they could of kept with the norm and kept working with anyone that has structured settlements coming in, but why when they took a common niche and grabbed their business from the riches in niches playbook.

Sure, some husbands may call them witches for what they’re doing, but they’re taking a typical niche and a bad situation and turning into cash and a great solution for the women in the situation.

Maybe your niche isn’t divorcees, but their definitely is a niche that your business could be taking advantage of and profiting from now. How many can you think of?

I know you’re saying none right now, but if you think on that today, I’m positive you’ll come up with at least one that could be your next ticket to the success train.
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