Does Facebook PPC work for residential type services (Painters, Roofers, HVAC) ?

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I would like to know if it would be worth while doing Facebook ppc as opposed to Google ppc in regard to lead generation for Painters, Roofers, HVAC, etc

Would like to know others opinions as to its effectiveness in generating leads.
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    Facebook is amazing at generating leads for services BUT the devil is in the details. It is a different approach than what you would do for Google ppc.

    You can fail miserably at each or knock it out of the park with each depending on your skill and understanding of the differences. I can tell you it is more than worth it to become proficient at lead generation from Facebook just take your time learning how to do it properly.
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    I wouldn't pay for any Facebook traffic unless I was trying to put a BANG in my campaign. Slowly building a list is the best way to develop facebook leads. Use different methods to advertise the page and convince people that it's worth liking and following the updates.
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    If you're actually using CPC on facebook and taking them away from facebook you're going to have waaaaay lower conversions than if you were using Adwords.

    The cost per lead, depends on the industry and area I suppose, but using it as a direct avenue of lead generation isn't the best idea. There are many benefits to using facebook ads but that really isn't one of them, at least directly.
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