250 Bucks and A Cell Phone Equals 6 Figures

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Hey Warriors-

Wanted throw this little story from my past out here to give some of you some ideas and hopefully the push you want and need to make 2014 your best year yet.

There’s so many b.s. stories I see in here and they usually are leading up to some wso offer, so here’s a true story without the pitch for you warriors.

You See…

Back in the day I started and ran many business ventures throughout my school years.

After my school years…

Went on to work and run sales teams for several large corporations.

After a while, worked for a well known-major insurance company and in my spare time, helped market a fast growing mortgage company.

I took the steady paycheck route because I just had my daughter and wanted to make sure that the "secure" income was coming in.

But by night, was transformed into a dedicated student of ancient secrets and techniques of direct response marketing.

I began to gobble up any new and old profitable lessons revealed in the business world.

The creative marketing and surefire copy I created for those companies took them to a whole other profitable level for sure (guess that’s why they called me the “results specialist” and the “marketing machine”).

Helping my bosses improve their companies was great, but felt like I should be doing more. Now…

We’re going to jump ahead a few years because that was a stepping stone to what I am about to tell you right now.

Fast Forward To Mid-2003 and To The Thing That Finally Transformed My Life and Brought Us Closer Here Today.

Like we spoke about, making those companies healthy profits with sales and marketing was great, but wasn’t able to find all the time needed to work on my own ideas and projects.

Plus, traveled all the time and had to be so far away from my daughter.

Since I was helping other companies out during the week so much, I would drop a small amount of time into my up and coming marketing projects.

Had to leave my own business dreaming to the weekends.

After devouring everything I could on marketing, sales and copywriting over many years...

I started to feel that I could truly have some success if only could apply this profitable knowledge to my own ventures.

I was convinced eventually because the strategies and techniques I tried with them were already proven to be successful for other companies.

Really craved to go out on my own and give my own creations a real shot.

Finally, I ended up relocating to enjoy beautiful hot Las Vegas days (actually lived directly across from Nellis AirForce Base for about 8 months) because at that point was helping a few other companies out there get their sales and marketing profitable.

Vegas was a whole other crazy story you may want to hear about some day. Anyways…

Long story short, got screwed out of major money from the company I was helping.

I needed to make some cash and was stuck in good old vegas.

I literally took my last couple hundred dollars and tried something that had to work or I was basically screwed.

I took a quick job on the strip paying cash by the day for a week to get me by and then…

After coming home from work one day, checked the mailbox and couldn’t believe my eyes…

There it was. What I Wanted!

You See, I finally found the time to make some calls, create some copy and mail a few direct response marketing pieces for my new business that I tested and launched a week earlier.

The copy I created was simply a sales letter asking owners of high end products to hire me to sell it for them.

I picked these people because I already knew they were trying to sell the products anyways (I learned about target marketing early on and used it to my advantage and theirs).

To reach these highly targeted people, I knew I could do a few things…

Mail to everyone who owned one of these things and tell them to let me sell it for them.

Which I knew would be a waste of money and time because not everyone was trying to or wanted to sell it.


Simply grab my leads from somewhere I knew people were actively trying to sell. I used a magazine source that was pretty much in every gas station and did the work for me.

I called some, googled numbers to get addresses and mailed the rest.

I kind of used the old burger king strategy. You Know…

Mc Donalds spends millions a year looking for and researching real estate. Basically to find the busiest areas and best investments.

Well back in the day Burger King wanted to do the same thing but didn’t want to take the time or money to do so, so..

They simply followed McDonalds around. That’s why often when you see a mcd’s a bk is right across the street or near. I let them do all the work for me.

Just like the fastest and easiest way to success is to model other successful people or businesses.


While my friends were stuck in the paycheck to paycheck traffic, I desired to really get on the fast track and control my own destiny.

Still continued to study and learn everything I could when it came to making money in marketing and sales-online and offline.

Putting the profitable knowledge into high-power action was the key that really unlocked success. Why?

Because this simple, but powerful business venture I created, took a weekend idea and $250.00 and turned it into a nice six figure internet adverting business, which I ended up selling a few years later.

Then the fun really began…

I loved testing all these different proven methods learned from all the successful people in the past and current times, but also started to mastermind my own creative and innovative breakthroughs to dramatically impact results.

Shortly after, I started teaching a few select small business owners and die hard entrepreneurs how to achieve the results desired in their business.

After that…

Freelanced successfully by creating marketing, seo, and copywriting packing a potent-punch for clients in all different business fields.

And here we are today.

Simply by having the desire, ambition, coming up with a plan, having the right knowledge and taking action on that profitable knowledge-allowed me to achieve what I did.

Missed any one of those things and might be a sob story instead of a happy one.

Hope you grabbed some ideas and inspiration from my little journey warriors and Have a Geat Holiday.
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    Definitely a great story about perseverance. The key lesson here is to keep moving on, keep learning, and never quit.
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    • where is the term "cell phone" in your posted content?
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        Wait so your call to action was "write me back"?
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    interesting..hope you can share more mate
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      That is a great story. I believe anyone, with the desire to make it, and the discipline to do what ever it takes to get there can turn their life around.

      There is a way a daily job 9where you work for a monthly paycheck), can hold you down. It gets you into thinking that you secure, yet in the actual sense you are not. You are at the mercy of your employer, it can be cut off without notice and you are left in the dark.

      However, when you work on your dreams, even if you experience failure at the start, the knowledge you gain is invaluable and no one can take that away from you. Just like you, even if you sold the first business, I believe the knowledge you gained while creating that six figure business can be used to create another one that is even more profitable than the one you sold.

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  • You lost me a little but I get the idea. Nice success and good podcast with Ben Settle. Thanks for the share.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    very nice story. Never give up hope brings you there!
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    You're right strectch, you have to keep going no matter what. If i would of let some friends and family hold me back when I got going I would of most likely never got anywhere. You have to believe in yourself and unfortunately people close to you even sometimes will try to hold you back since they don't know they can go out and be an entrepreneur as well.

    Plus, never stop learning and taking action, no matter what level you're at.

    Hey Kirby-the cell phone was what i used to make and receive calls. I used that as my "corporate office". Instead of cold calling when i did call, i did more of "warm calling" since i already knew they had it and wanted to sell it. The direct response letters went to the people i didn't call.

    The would follow up with the people sent letter to since already had their number so i packed the 1-2 punch.

    Glad you enjoyed the 1st podcast episode w/ ben settle kingofcontentmarketing. Stay tuned for episode 2 coming this monday. Doberman Dan and I dive into all kinds of golden nuggets you can go out and use immediately and long term.

    and no bee, the call to action wasn't write me back. You need to have a message that urges them to take the action you want. It needs to be so strong and appealing that they are excited and ready to raise their hand, request info or whatever the call to action you want them to take.

    You're absolutely right planetlubs, everything i learning from starting and selling that first business prepared me for the next and beyond. The key to remember, the true business of any business is the marketing and the better the marketing, the easier the sales process begins.
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    Very enjoyable story. I can relate to a few of those situations.
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    I love the topic, learn a lot of new things
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    I'm kind of lost. What high end products were you selling? Were you contacting businesses who sell these high end products and offering to be a salesman for them for a commission? I don't quite get it.
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    Hi there,

    While inspiring, the OP was a little short on specifics. Well done on your success.

    All the best,

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    Hey Manjt129=I was contacting individuals who wanted to sell these things. They paid some money to be somewhere else to try to sell it and I leveraged the other companies resources to generate my leads for free.

    Hey sasha-i purposely left a few details out like item and such so no one can use that as an excuse of "oh it works only in that field". Basically, I went where the hungry market was instead of trying to find it or create it.
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    Great success story - thanks for sharing
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    Thanks for the story, very inspiring!
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    OP still a bit confused. You said:

    After coming home from work one day, checked the mailbox and couldn’t believe my eyes

    Are you saying your prospects chose to write you back instead of calling your cell phone?

    Can't quite figure out where the cell phone comes in. Sorry.
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      Originally Posted by TheBigBee View Post

      OP still a bit confused. You said:

      After coming home from work one day, checked the mailbox and couldn't believe my eyes...

      Are you saying your prospects chose to write you back instead of calling your cell phone?

      Can't quite figure out where the cell phone comes in. Sorry.
      Same lost af right now. No idea what he means although I think the cell phone means the phone call he made and the $250 was the investment. Kinda get what your saying...
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        Originally Posted by BarryAllen View Post

        Same lost af right now. No idea what he means although I think the cell phone means the phone call he made and the $250 was the investment. Kinda get what your saying...
        Based on how this reads, my "logical" assumption was to believe he wrote:

        "...write me back. K? Thanks, bye!" as his call to action. :-/
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    yeah.. what was in the mailbox?
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    Mailed and "warm" Called People. Cell phone was my "corporate office" since had no official office yet. The people that i mailed, some sent checks, some called me and paid over phone and some I directly "warm called" to make sales.

    The most dangerous method in marketing and business is 1, so made sure had multiple avenues of reaching and receiving. Eventually added more channels to reach them, but was in a jam and needed to make it happen so started with phone and mail.

    You can't write people and say call me back busybee, you have to inject direct response copy and make your message and offer so compelling that it's a no-brainer for them to take the action you want.

    Whole business i started with last 250 bucks in my pocket and a cell phone. Then used first few sales to invest in website and more marketing.

    One of the main nuggets everyone should be grabbing is no matter what you're situation now, it doesn't take a lot of money to be a success, but it does take the right knowledge and taking fast action on that profitable-proven knowledge.

    I didn't wait for everything to be perfect or in place to start. I'm not saying do stuff half-ass but am saying it doesn't all need to be 100% in line to start taking action.
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