What's working now to get qualified people making contact

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Set this up for a client/friend over the weekend
and he's getting qualified leads contacting him now.

This works best if you give quantifable results
to clients.

The big idea is to gauge interest in a case study
of how a business got great results in the same sector as the receiver.

If they are interested, let them know you are putting the finishing touches
on it and will send it over when completed.

This does 3 important things...

1 You haven't wasted time on putting the case study together
if there is no interest.

2 The interest will get your butt into gear and write it

3 Those who say "yea, send it over" are a qualified lead.

Here's the email that goes out, minus the names and numbers...

Subject: Letter for [name]


I've got a case study showing how a [type of business] turned a [$'s] investment into [$'s]
in revenue in [time frame]. This gave him [$'s] for every $1 invested.

Thought you'd like to see it because I can see how it can be applied to your business and have a positive impact.

If you would like to see the breakdown of how this happened, just reply and I'm happy to send it your way.

[Name and contact details]

[Way to be taken off list]


Client is now scrambling to write out the case study with the requests for it he's getting.

A very plain, but effective lead generation method.

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