How to choose your offline business name(And domain) ?...

by yosk
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Hi guys.
How u doing ?
I have some question about owning an online business .
How should I name it ?
I want to sell Videos and other social-media-related stuff to local businesses owners.

How should I name my biz ?
Something that has to do with the words : video,movie,motion,clip,broadcast,production...
With words like : clients,leads,marketing,business ...

Or just some uniqe random name that might be memorable ?

PLUS . Should I choose my name according to the numbers of results in the search for google by it's keyword? (E.G is avialable , but if you try to search that keyword on there are about 839,000,000 results...)

In another to chosse my company name?

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    Before naming your domain name, make a research:

    Use google keyword planner and check how many times your keyphrase is searched monthly and the competition. Limit yourself for monthly searches between 1000 - 20 000. Than search Google for this keyphrase, but with quotes as "example video keyphrase". Here you will see the real results for competing pages. Limit yourself not to be more than 100-200 thousand competing pages. When ok, this can be your domain name. As an example, if "example video keyphrase" applies the rules than can be your domain name. Do the same steps to choose several keywords for your site to have better SEO.
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    If a random name that might be memorable i think is your best choices like Watch Movies Online for Free - Viooz , but its up to you.
    but if it was up to me. I'll come with my own brand too it's more profitable because it is your
    own brand and if you market it the right way it will show in Google in first place always and your business
    will be in big profits.
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    create a list of benefits to your audience. Then see how you can tastefully suggest your strongest, most powerful benefit in your website and business name. By doing this your business name works for you as a mini promotional tool everywhere it's seen.
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