How can I get in contact with all the local mail carriers?

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Hi, I would like to get in contact with all the local mail carriers in my area. I buy houses as part of my real estate business, and houses that become vacant are the best acquisition targets around. The mailmen know which houses these are and are an ideal referral partner.

I can drive around and try to run into each mailman but that will seriously limit my ability to scale into other cities. What I'd like to do is have a notice of my offer distributed at the post office; I'm thinking of taping a flyer to a box of donuts and sending it weekly.

Do you have a suggestion for how I go could about this? Thanks
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    You may have no choice but to take a personal approach and make some contacts within the industry that can refer you on.

    I would think that blanket advertising to them asking for them to alert you to vacant properties would make them wonder if you are looking for a list of homes to break in to or setup drug labs. I would also think that management would not be impressed with them if they found out they were providing you with such a list.

    Good luck.
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  • Delta,

    Before you start contact the postmaster first.

    Mail carrier jobs are federal jobs and postal workers are not allowed to assist the private sector for personal gain. It may even be considered a crime.
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    It would seem to violate the public trust if postal employees were informing someone pointing out who's houses were sitting vacant.
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    I agree with the above posters that caution you against this without at least discussing it with the postmaster first. And I'd bet they say no.

    I've seen ads on kijiji and CL offering $50 for these types of leads. You could try something like that. Also, can you work with the banks to find out about abandoned or foreclosed homes? That's a question, I don't know if the answer, maybe it's illegal.
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    Every state has a main USPS hq that funnels directly to the airport.I found mine out so I could just drop my ebay stuff there and eliminate a full day off of my shipping time.Becoming friendly with that office has a few other perks too but im sure each state is different.The USPS also has local direct marketing to your customers and prospects,just ask the lady at the front desk,they are usually very helpful.

    edward evans

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      Sounds like you need to find a bird dog. I used to do that a bit back a few years for a company that unfortunately may have been less than what they said they were.
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